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Discussion in 'Computer Gaming' started by kayode, Feb 6, 2005.

  1. kayode

    kayode Active Member


    We have a few local players linking up in WoW these days, and I was wondering if any of you fellas and ladies are in the game, or thinking about getting into the game.

    Two of us are relatively high-level and in good guilds at the moment, so if you join up you can expect a lot of help, both monetary and quest-wise, and advice. We'll help you get into the game and show you will be a cool scene.

    If you're in the game aready, I just wanted to get an idea of who and how many, so we could possibly link up.

    So far it's three of us on the Aggramar server.

    We're all Horde (bun Alliance).

    I'm a lvl 45 Tauren shaman.

    In case you know nothing about's a MMORPG set in the Warcraft universe.

    The game is excellent, GREAT fun, and very different from Lineage 2, in case that turned you off. No setta grinding...just plenty quests, great backstory, lots of non-combat professions and diversions, a decent community, and fun PvP.

    So...gimme feedback.

    Current Details:

    Server - Aggramar

    Mengsk - Mengsk: Undead warlock, 59 (Horde)
    - Undead preist, 14 (Horde)
    - Orc warrior, 03 (Horde)

    Kayode - Kayode: Tauren shaman, 55 (Horde)

    Strongy - Strongy: Tauren hunter, 36 (Horde)

    Tac Up - Kaisen: Tauren druid , 18 (Horde)
    - Hungry: Tauren warrior, 11 (Horde)

    Rumbelly - Rumbo: Tauren druid, 9 (Horde)

    Latoneyde - Latoneyde: Tauren shaman, 11 (Horde)
  2. rumbelly

    rumbelly New Member

    woah kayode,

    i din know alyuh men into the WoW !
    the game looks great, i wont venture into it on dial up though

    not to mention it seems like a time consuming game , time that i doh have ...

    BUT, i know alot of local gamers are interested in the game, not sure how many are actually playing it as yet
    ofcourse ...we will see when they reply to this thread :)

    one thing doh, do u play on dial up or DSL ??
    i argued once with someone that it wont run good on dial up
    but i honestly cant say that i know for sure ^_^
  3. kayode

    kayode Active Member

    Runnin just sweet on dsl. Can't comment about dial-up.

    WoW isn't like Lineage where yuh hadda sink hours and hours into it to get rewards. I would say it more addictive than time consuming. :D

    There are also bonuses you get when you don't play. Log out in an inn or major city, and you'll earn double xp per kill when you log back in, depending on how long you were logged out.

    It's a good way to make sure you doh fall behind in the levelling, and feel yuh eh getting anywhere.'s an MMORPG.

    Bottom line is that yuh hadda pay montly to play, and it's a game that you'll want to spend a lot of time with. So yuh hadda think about whether yuh makin de commitment.

    I've been very pleased so's great fun.
  4. rumbelly

    rumbelly New Member

    ok , some more details then

    1) whats the monthly fee again ?
    2) how many hours a day u does spend on it ?
    3) how many hours would u say should be the minimum someone should spend on it ?

  5. kayode

    kayode Active Member

    The monthly fee is $15 US or less depending on how many months yuh take one time.

    I spend... :D I shame tuh say, but I would say about an hour or two on a normal day, and on a serious day...well. :unsure:
    Is one of those games...some days yuh play it whole day, other days yuh just doh play it.

    So to ask a minimum number of hours a day kinda weird.

    Play however long yuh want.

    If yuh want tuh commit to a Guild or to levelling, at least an hour a day is necessary.

    In case you need a point of reference, I started playing it on December 17th, and I'm level 45.

    You can only hit level 60. And I nowhere as hardcore as some.

    Play how yuh want.
  6. Latoneyde

    Latoneyde Member

    I started beggin my parents for dis before christmas.. dey went miami.. sold out.. den dey realise de monthly fee (which i avoided telling them) and foak me up bad :(... No game :(

    anybody who interested in sharin an account.. i payin half de money.. hit meh a pm :)
  7. Paradoxxx

    Paradoxxx New Member

    HMM @ share, Ill ask vipes and them if they sweating it also.
  8. rumbelly

    rumbelly New Member

    LOL @ share

    good idea, once u dont have the "give the person the cd" to let him log on

    could be an inconvenience
    if u can use a burn copy to play, and jus both players share one CD key, then that would be a viable option

    whos knows lats ... i might be interested in a lil WoW ^_^
  9. Latoneyde

    Latoneyde Member

    :) but we should be able to play at the same time.. but on dif. servers... rum we go fix up :)
  10. kayode

    kayode Active Member

    You don't really need a CD key. You don't even need the CDs to install. You can drag it off someone's machine.

    All you need is an account, which you activate with the serial from the game you buy.

    You can have 40 characters on one account, but you can't play more than one at a time.

    You get the first month free.
  11. Latoneyde

    Latoneyde Member

    Thats when the lovable phone and cuss comes in handy :)
  12. rumbelly

    rumbelly New Member


    some more questions

    1) were u one of the people affected when some of blizzards WoW servers crashed a couple weeks ago ?

    2) have u experienced any problems since ?

    3) was the issue resolved acceptably ?

    i heard they were having some issues with a certain "Server farm" where about 20 of there 88 WoW servers would notoriously crash and cause intermitent problems for users trying to log on and getting disconnected etc etc

    users were creditted with extra time on thier accounts i beleive
  13. kayode

    kayode Active Member

    Good questions. I was going to post about them earlier oui.

    The only servers affected were the top 20 servers. The other 68 servers were cool.

    We never had any of those problems on our server, Aggramar. It was a low-pop server (when we began) with about 25-30% of the population of the biggest servers. So we never had any lag issues or had to wait in any queue. Smooth sailing from start to now.

    If yuh want to play this properly, avoid them big servers, and even more importantly, avoid the Alliance.

    Alliance typically outnumbers Horde 3-1 on most servers. So if you on a high pop server and you on Alliance side: LAG.

    The 20 affected servers were credited something like 11 days overall since the game started.

    But Aggramar is smooth gaming.

    CHUNKULUNKS New Member

    Are there any great amount of similarities between WoW and the normal WC? Or is it basically a brand new game all together with new spells and tricks?
    Geeze i wish i cuda get d chance to get in on WoW <_<
  15. Paradoxxx

    Paradoxxx New Member

    I know they have similar characters, I dont know about the spells and such. The game is entirely different, this game is a MMORPG (wonder if thats right...) its like diablo2 but online! You play to level up your character, playing thru quests and creeping to gain cash and experience. WoW contains some differences, you can become a fisherman or armour maker and such IF im not mistaken.
  16. kayode

    kayode Active Member

    WoW is like a combination of Morrowind and Diablo. Plenty exploration, plenty quests, plenty killing, plenty story.

    It's not an RTS at all.

    But in the coming months, the PvP multiplayer will contain aspects very similar to WC. It's called Battlegrounds. This is a synopsis.

    You can also fish, learn first aid, learn to cook (food replenishes health), and have a choice between two professions including: Engineering, Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Tailoring, Enchanting, Skinning, Mining and Leatherworking.
  17. mEGAvI

    mEGAvI New Member

    from wat i have read so far this game seems very intense. its as if blizzard did a nationwide poll, asking peeps wat they want in a MMORPG and delivered.

    if i wasnt burdened with the daily routine of being a student i wud gladly
    spend countless hours playin. besides the gameplay, from the screenshots, the landscape looks well rendered.

    .........sigh...... oh well back to work.

  18. rumbelly

    rumbelly New Member


    i feel i really gonna organise mehself with a copy of WoW

    we could share it, cause i wont be able to play it THAT much
    but i go put some playin time on it whenever i get the chance
    i know u go beast it more than me anyway, so that go wuk ;)


    hit me a PM
  19. Xecutiona

    Xecutiona New Member

    sigh* rum encouraging my bro to be addicted to yet another game
  20. rumbelly

    rumbelly New Member



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