Warcraft III TFT to 1.26a like a BOSS!

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    I've noticed that our Garena room is very third world with it's patches. Currently most players are on 1.24e which is inexcusable since we are three patches behind the rest of the world. Recently I've reinstalled the game after more than a year. I think this experience could help a lot of DotA players make the leap to 1.26a in comfort.

    You will also be able to switch to any version in seconds without needing additional files.


    • The INSTALL
    • The PATCH
    • The SWITCHER


    For those that have the game CD or ISO. If you have registered with Blizzard you can also download it from your account. Please do a fresh install. The game will run faster and smoother. You can proceed to the next section, THE PATCH.

    For the others that have a dragged folder with the game files.

    1. Right click "Computer" and select "Properties" from the drop down menu. A window will pop up.

    Under "System Type" you will see the type of operating system you have.

    It will be either 32 bit or 64 bit. Please take note of this.


    2. Move and rename your game folder to "Warcraft III" as shown below. Use the path for your operating system.
    x86 (32 bit Windows)
    C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\

    x64 (64 bit Windows)
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Warcraft III\

    3. Download the War3 Install Path registry fix.

    4. Open the RAR file and extract to your desktop.

    5. Double click the path for your operating system. Ignore any anti-virus or malware warnings and proceed.



    1. Download the full 1.26a patch from Blizzard.


    2. Double click the patch to start the install.

    3. Exit the installer.



    1. Download the improved Warcraft III Version Switcher 2.1

    2. Extract all the contents of the ZIP to a folder of your choice.

    3. Double click VersionSwitcher.exe

    4. The Settings window will appear. Select cached mode and click "OK"

    This will build past patch profiles based on the 1.26a patch. It will take up approximately 500MB of space. Switching will be instantaneous.

    5. Run the switcher whenever you need to change your patch version. Select the patch from the drop down menu and click "Switch".




    Most gamers have widescreen monitors in this day and age. Warcraft III FT does not cover a wide range of widescreen resolutions. This tool allows you to optimise your screen.

    1. Download the WC3 ResChange tool.

    2. Extract the archive to the folder of your choice.

    3. Double click WC3 ResChange.exe


    4. Input your custom resolution and click "Save".



    You can run Warcraft III FT in a window if your computer can handle it. Do not attempt this if you can barely run the game. This allows for easier tabbing and switching between applications.

    Simply add -window to your shortcut. In Garena you add -window to your bootstrap parameters.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    1. Download the Window Mouse Capture Tool. Extract to your chosen location. Double click WMC.exe

    2. Right click the WMC icon in the taskbar and click "Specify Window"


    3. Click on the Warcraft III window.



    4. Click "Hotkey" and press any key to select your hotkey.

    5. Use your hotkey to toggle the mouse capture as needed.


    If you spend a lot of time playing the game please think about buying it sometime. These are my first set of bootleg Warcraft III CDs next to the battle chest I bought years later. I've probably logged into Battle.Net once since I bought it (since I play where the community is), but it feels good to give back to the creators of such a great game.

    Cheers to everyone who has already bought the game legit!

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    Scar...this was done very pro... like a boss
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    Like A Boss

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