Trinigamers GW2 Report: Escape from Lion's Arch

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    Lion's Arch is going to be attacked... where will you be?



    In the latest patch for Guild Wars 2 we have been given a teaser trailer which shows that Lion's Arch is being attacked. Attacked by who you may be wondering?  For those of who have not been following the story, Scarlet Briar has been attacking Tyria a period of time now. During her raids of attack across Tyria she has gained support of the Toxic Krait, Flame legion, Dredge renegades and the Aetherblades sky pirates. By forming an alliance which each of these groups (Toxic Alliance, Molten Alliance and Aetherblades), Scarlet has acquired an army which could help her destroy the land of Tyria. 

    Scarlet revealed her plans of domination by unleashing a gigantic mechanized robot (Twisted Marionette), but she was stopped due to players severing the chains of her robot and destroying it. However, this was not the last of her attack. Players noticed that there were several indestructible energy probes placed around Tyria and recently upon release of the Twisted Marionette they were able to be destroyed. One of these probes were found in Lion's Arch and instead of glowing red, it turned green

    It is speculated that through the use of this energy probe Scarlet Briar will coordinate an attack with all of her allies for a full on attack on Lion's Arch. Arenanet has not released any details on what will happen in this patch update. Will Lion's Arch be destroyed? Will Scarlet Briar finally be stopped?

    This patch update will lead us to the end of the Living Word Season 1. It will be a few weeks before Arenanet brings us new content to start off the Living World Season 2.

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