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    A brand new World vs World map! Aren't you excited yet?





    Welcome to the Edge of the Mists, a new addition to World vs World. Edge of the Mists was designed for larger populated servers which constantly experienced a wait queue to get into World vs World. Arenanet designed Edge of the Mists with the idea of it being a very small scale World vs World map where players would be able to be involved in WvW and not be stuck in PvE. 

    Originally this map was only accessible when your server was full and you would be placed in a queue. However this was changed because smaller servers which do not experience WvW queues would not be able to experience and enjoy the map, so it has been changed so that at any point you may be able to enter the Edge of the Mists.

    Another feature of the map which was changed was that it was originally only an overflow map for your home world and the two opposing servers playing against each other in World vs World. This was also changed so that all servers would be given the opportunity to play with each other. All servers that are red in WvW would be placed as the red team in World vs World. All servers that are blue would be placed as the blue team and the same for green.

    With the ability to earn WvW xp, changing terrains, new WvW structures and new types of champions Edge of the Mists breathes a new breath of air into the Guild Wars 2 competitive landscape. If you haven't tried it out yet, log on and give it a try!

    The official Guild Wars 2 release page for this event can be seen here

    As always we have Wooden Potatoes (Guild Wars veteran and the unofficial 'historian' of the series) providing videos on each region of the Edge of Mists so you can get a better understanding on how each terrain differs.





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