[Timeless]-Earz's Guide to Purist Thunderath

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    [Timeless]-Earz's Guide on playing Purist thunderath aka The Omniknight.


    1.After some consideration. I decided to take necro out of the Alternative build. And decided to make heart and Agies cumpulsory.

    2. Added some new pictures.

    Reader's notice

    Some might say "why don't I just link to dota-allstars.com" But, I say to them, why have a trini-gamers forum? Why not just link to dota-allstars? Or, why come on gosu? just go on B-net. Sure we can do all those things, but, in my opinion with this sort of thinking, no one will ever go foward, hence this guide was born. I will cosider myself still in the learning phase in dota, everyday I play, I learn new things. But, I can say with some sort of confidence, I can hold my own with The Omni knight. I hope you all have as much fun reading this guide that I had writing it. So begins the arduous task.

    Omniknight's Story

    A former member of the Order of the Silver Hand, Purist has joined the Sentinel to avenge the death of the Order's leader, Uther the Lightbringer. Trained by Uther himself in the ways of the Paladin, Purist brings the power of the Holy Light to the battlefield. He can purify the souls of allies, harming any nearby Scourge in the process. Able to protect allies from harmful unholy magic, the mere presence of a man of the Holy Light atrophies any nearby enemies. In times of dire need, Purist can call upon God himself to protect him and his allies.

    Omni's Stats

    Attack Range (mele): 100 | Move Speed: 300
    Primary: STR
    Str: 20 + 2.65 | Agi: 15 + 1.75 | Int: 17 + 1.8
    Damage: 51 – 61 | HP: 530 | Mana: 221


    Pros and cons


    Very very hard to kill (if played correctly)
    One of the best, if not the best supporter in dota
    An aoe slow in degen aura.
    Wonderful tournament player


    Slow attack and movement speeds.
    Can easily become the target in team games
    Medusa chews him up and spits him out

    Omniknight's abilities and spells

    Purification (R)


    Instantly heals a friendly unit and damages all nearby enemy units.

    Level 1 - Purifies 90 hit points.
    Level 2 - Purifies 180 hit points.
    Level 3 - Purifies 270 hit points.
    Level 4 - Purifies 360 hit points.

    Cooldown: 12 seconds.

    A straight forward spell, it heals friendly units for the atated amount of hp. Also, it does damage to enemy units in an area effect of the spell's epi center. Use this spell (when needed, don't spam like a retard) to stay on your lane longer to gain xp. Also, at the fourth lvl of this spell, you can instantly kill the Necromancer or the Druid of the Talon (the ranged creeps) So, at lvl 4 of this spell you should get nearly all the creeps is each wave once you position yourself correctly. A nice strategy (but one that SHOULD NOT be overused) is to heal the creeps that the enemy (this works best with mele) is attacking. This works really really good, if you have on Repel, and you are fighting with a 1v1 mele character. This is a strategy that should not be overused though.


    Repel (E)


    Creates a powerful divine ward that blocks all magic from affecting a target unit.

    Level 1 - Lasts 5 seconds.
    Level 2 - Lasts 10 seconds.
    Level 3 - Lasts 15 seconds.
    Level 4 - Lasts 20 seconds.

    Cooldown: 20 seconds.

    By far, Omniknight's most useful spell. Per the description, when cast Repel blocks MOST spells (NOT PHYSICAL ATTACKS). It also removes SOME buffs. A word of caution though, in keeping with the vein of no spells can be cast on you, friendlies also can't cast much spells on you either (including you OWN Purification spell) Also, alot of people don't know this, but IT REMOVES GUARDIAN. So, be careful when you cast this on someone that you previously casted Guardian on. But on the flip side, if you cast repel FIRST and guardian after, you will have a pretty much untouchable hero. Cast this spell on tanks, or heroes with channeling spells, Crystal maiden/Sand King/Enigma/Witch doctor etc, so their spell wont be canceled by MOST (not all) disables.


    Degen Aura


    Greatly degenerates the movement capabilities of units that stray too near.
    Level 1 - Reduces movement speed by 7%.
    Level 2 - Reduces movement speed by 14%.
    Level 3 - Reduces movement speed by 21%.
    Level 4 - Reduces movement speed by 28%.
    Mana Cost:
    Cooldown: N/A

    One of the most wonderful passive (its always activated) in DOTA. An aoe slow. Good for chasing heroes for your team to kill. A thing to remember is DON'T attack heroes when you are slowing them. Omni's attack makes you fall back a bit, and the hero can get out of the degen range. Run besides the hero when slowing them down, and let your teammates do the rest. This is a pretty much straight forward spell.


    Guardian Angel (G)


    Grants all nearby friendly units near physical invulnerability and increases hit point regeneration greatly.
    Level 1 - Lasts 5 seconds.
    Level 2 - Lasts 7 seconds.
    Level 3 - Lasts 9 seconds.
    Mana Cost:

    Ah yes, Omiknight's trump card. His Coup de grace, is mainrib, his blood his life. Guardian Angel, such a wonderful spell, such a gosu spell. But, remember it grants PHYSICAL INVULNERABILITY NOT MAGICAL (you have repel for that) So, it's a waste of a Guardian to cast it when you have 100hp and fighting say, Cystal maiden, or queen of pain, they will pretty much mess you up. As I said before though, repel (magic resistance) + Guardian Angel (physical invulnerability) = a pretty much untouchable hero. Again I repeat REPEL REMOVES THE EFFECT OF GUARDIAN ANGEL! Also, use guardian on pushes and counter attacks. I also see some people wait till the death of a fight to cast Guardian. Try not to do this. Because, it has a SLIGHT delay in it's cast, and that delay can be the CRUCIAL turning point in a battle. So, don't be afraid to cast at the beginning of fights, or mid way, DON'T wait till every body is red (because remember spells can still screw teammates over). Cast it when your teammates have enough hp to take magical attack and survive. Also, there is nothing worse that being stunned or silenced when casting or about to cast guardian. So, cast Guardian angel early in battles DON'T wait till the death to cast. Also, if you notice the twr can be taken WITHOUT casting guardian Angel, then DON'T use it. Keep it in case the enemies pop out of the bush (you should have bought your wards :() And you have to make a run for it. Don't forget though, REPELS REMOVES GUARDIAN!



    Hero Killer VS Pusher

    I have had this discussion with many people on server already. And, of course, I was called a noob, saying that it's a waste of omni knight to play him as a "hero killer" what ever that is. It is my firm belief that Omniknight's spells SCREAM support/pusher role. Though you can put a MKB Buriza divine agies on anyone and they will become a "hero killer" Omniknight is NOT like this, his spells and abilities are geared towards HERO SUPPORT and pushing lanes. Just one look at his spells will show you that this guy has ONE ONE ONE spell that does damage (this should say a lot) and he has 3 ACTIVE spells, i.e: HE NEEDS GOBS OF MANA to do his mojo. He is most effective when played as a supporter. Now, not having a GOOD team to support is ANOTHER story and out of the scope of this guide. You will have to "improvise". But, I am writing this guide with the presupposition that your teammates are a CAPABLE unit, and a unit in which everyone on it is well aware of their respective roles. So, I think it is safe for me to say we all agree that Omni is best played as a support/hero pusher right? No unto the meat of the guide.

    Skill builds

    Nearly anyone who lanes with me when I play Omni curses me. This is because I don't see the use of Degen Aura in SOME cases. But, as I will outline below, it DOES have time and places where Degen Aura WOULD be needed.

    Skill build one (1)

    This skill build is effective for spammers Tinker, Crystal Maiden, lich Drow Ranger etc

    1. Purification
    2. Repel
    3. Purification
    4. Repel
    5. Repel
    6. Guardian Angel
    7. Repel
    8. Purification
    9. Purification
    10. Stats
    11. Guardian Angel
    12-15. Degen
    16. Guardian Angel

    For Intel heroes, repelling magic is of CRUCIAL importance. In make absolutely NO SENSE to try to degen Tinkers, or Crystal maiden. For one, befor you reach up close, you can get beam+rockets, or Frostbite + Nova, and maybe a few tower lashes. So, if you take degen Aura when for instance you find your self in mid lane, don't get angry whey you are duying alot.

    Skill build two (2)

    This build is effective for mele heroes, or heroes that don't have much nukes, and who have to chase for kills. These include (but not limited to) Naix, Nightstalker (in the day) Bristle Back Doom, Blood seeker etc.

    1. Purification
    2. Degen
    3. Purification
    4. Degen
    5. Purification
    6. Guardian Angel
    7. Degen
    8. Purification
    9. Degen
    10. Repel
    11. Guardian Angel
    12-14. Repel
    15. Stats
    16. Guardian Angel
    17-25. Stats

    This build is WONDERFUL for mele heroes, that NEED to chase you for their kills. For instance, it MAKES NO SENSE to max out Repel with NAIX on your lane, degen is MUCH MUCH more needed in this instance.

    Item Build

    Ah now the part of the guide that MOST people will scroll down to first. So, I will spend the most time on it read:flashy pictures :) I have played omni Knight many many times before and watched many replays with him, and with the introduction of the gosu Arcane ring made me modify my build order to incorporate it in it, because I think it is a WONDERFUL item for omni Knight. So here goes.

    The "micro sparkles" build


    Boots of Travel

    Boots of Travel
    Shop Level: 1
    +90 Run Speed
    Active: Teleport
    60 Second Cooldown 3 Second Cast Time

    Total cost 2700 Gold

    Pretty self explanatory. +90 movement speed, TP ability. NEEDED for all heroes late game. But, it suite OMNIKNIGHT really really great in that the +90 movement speed VASTLY helps when coupled with Degen Aura ( you move a lot quicker than your opponent now) Power threads almost FAILS next to the might of this means of travel. And, it's NOT MUCH more expensive that threads. So, BOT wins easily over threads in this case.

    Void stone


    +100% mana regen


    Again, omni needs the mana regen. And this is a nice cheap way to do it.



    Shop Level: 3
    +6/10/14 str
    +15/21/24 int
    Activated (50 mana, 90 sec cooldown): Raise dead, summons 1 Necronomicon Archer and a Necronomicon Warrior for 35 seconds. Can be upgraded by repurchasing the Recipe Scroll; 2 upgrades maximum.
    Cannot be Dropped

    Necronomcion Archer:
    Level 1/2/ 3: 31/ 61/ 91 Piercing Damage, 350 Range, 6/ 8/ 10 Armor, has an Endurance aura that boosts units within 300 AoE movespeed and attack speed by 3/ 6/ 9%, and the ability to mana burn 200/ 250/ 300 MP.

    Necronomicon Warrior:
    Level 1/ 2/ 3:21/ 41/ 61 Normal Damage, 6/ 8/ 10 Armor, can burn and deal 25/ 50/ 75 MP/HP at the same time, and has the ability to deal 200/ 400/ 600 damage to the unit that kills it. They have 1300/ 1400/ 1500 vision range.
    Necronomicon Warriors have 40% resistance to magic spells.
    Level 3 Necronomicon Warrior has true sight.
    Necronomicon Warrior and Archer have Base Attack Time of 1 second.
    Range of Mana Burn of Necronomicon Archer is 250
    Necronomicon summon each gives around 100 gold upon death.
    Necronomicon summons CANNOT attack ancients (to prevent KOTL Morphling abuse)

    Cost: 2750 gold + 1300 for every upgrade after

    The extra HP and intel, plus (at lvl 3) one of the summons gains true sight. Mana burn is also included in this package. This is a wonderful item for the knight



    Shop Level: 2
    +5 All Attributes
    +5 Armor
    Passive: 3 HP/sec regeneration aura
    Active: Revitalize
    Gives 2 bonus armor and heals 250 hit points to nearby friendly units.
    150 Mana Cost

    Cost: 2434 Gold

    To finish off the Arcane Ring + Purification combo we add Mekanism to the dance. Aoe heal for 250HP + The soothing armor aura makes Mekanism a MUST HAVE for omni knight. You can heal one ally for 700+ HP wow. Must have item



    Shop Level: 4
    +8% Chance to Evade
    +70 Damage
    Passive: Immolation
    550 Radius
    35 Damage/sec Immolation

    Cost:5325 Gold

    +75 damage and evasion makes radiance a wonderful item for Omniknight. Also, Radiance is the ONLY way, IMO to see the full potential of degen aura. As I said before, when you are "degening" a hero it's NOT wise to attack him. But, radiance + Bot solves this problem. Radiance allows you to do damage while you slow your enemy and while your teammates attack him also. This also helps with his farming as he is (generally) not a good farmer.

    (game should be finished at this point)

    Agies of the imoratal


    Aegis of the Immortal
    Shop Level: 3
    35% Spell Resistance
    +10 Armor
    Charged: Reincarnation (to fountain) 3 Charges


    Wonderful item when it comes down to the end of ANY GAME. You are just TOO important to your team to stay dead for 1 minute +. Also the armor and spell reduction are WORTHY bonuses.

    Alternative build


    Boots of Travel


    This is pretty much standard in ALL of my Omniknight's build



    Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse
    Shop Level: 4
    +150% Mana Regeneration
    +25 Intellegence
    +35 Damage
    Activate: Polymorph
    600 Range 3 Second Duration
    23 Second Cooldown 100 Mana Cost

    Cost 4825

    This is a good item for Omniknight. But I only build this item if the sides really really need a disabler, and we don't have any intels. But teh extra mana pool and regen is well worth the time. But, it's a bit expensive. It's more of a situational build.



    A must in all omniknight builds

    Refresher Orb


    Refresher Orb
    Shop Level: 4
    +150% Mana Regeneration
    +4 HP/Sec Regeneration
    +40 Damage
    Activate: Refresh Ability Cooldowns
    210 Second Cooldown 375 Mana Cost

    Cost:5570 gold

    Very good item for Omniknight. But, it's a bit on the expensive side. And, requires a big mana pool to work together with his other spells. SOme say double Guardian Angel is overkill, but it works well at times. So, it's a worthy investment is you can farm it.

    Heart or Agies of the immortal


    Heart of Tarrasque
    Shop Level: 4
    +300 Hit Points
    +11 HP/Sec Regeneration
    +35 Strength

    Cost 5500

    Heart is a wonderful item for ANYBODY. Even more so for purist. This is a good item to consider in this alternate build.


    Read comment above for agies

    Items not included in build

    S N Y

    Comment: What a waste of money. Especially when Radience is just baout $200 more. 5% maim is negligable (remember it's not wise to hit enemies when chasing)
    The movement speed increase is found in BOT. Heart or agies is MUCH better than the strength that S N Y gives. The attack speed increase of yasha is negligible. All in all a pretty horrible item for the Omni (and many other heroes..like Mortred ...hi?)


    Comment: Attack speed way to slow for this to make sense. Also, the POOR chance bashers give you don't warrant this buy. Also, you are defeating your role as a supporter/pusher when you buy this item. Total waste of money.


    Comment: Too expensive for Omni to incorporate in his build order. Money is better spent elsewhere (like radiance)

    Monkey King Bar

    Comment: same as above. To expensive GET RADIANCE it suits omni knight ALOT better than MKB and Buriza.

    Black King Bar

    Comment: Not needed, Omni already have a built in BKB.You totally waste money if you buy this. Get better items for him.


    Comment: Corruption aura can EASILY be countered by chain mail. Plus, it's a bit expensive for what it does. Radiance is your main damage item, get this over all other damage items.


    Comment: Waste of money, though it's an excellent weapon omni attacks WAY to slow for mana burn to be effective. Blus, it's WAY to expensive to get for him. ALso, the Necro book, serves the "mana burn" purpose pretty well.

    Battle fury

    Comment: Don't you get it yet? Radience is the HEART of you damage for Omiknight.


    Comment: You don't get it now do you? For damage you get Radiance.

    Good allies to team up with (not all, just the OUTSTANDING ones)



    My word, WONDERFUL ally to have when you are playing omni. Sleep + Guardian = 1 tower on EVERY PUSH GUARANTEED. Also, Her net + your Radiance and her images = lots of pain.



    Glorious ally. His Conversion spell, plus Gardian and mek does lots of pain to both heroes and towers. ALso cast repel on him to do Black hole without being bothered.



    Another wonderful ally. Chen's global heal + Giardian helps alot. Also, If teh Chen player is good (Anoreth) he would more than likely have LOT's of creeps with him. SO, Mekanism + Guardian +Chen's global heal = Towers going down VERY VERY fast. And a refresher orb on BOTH of them and you will have people on the other side leaving games. WONDERFUL ally for omniknight.

    All in all, Omni pairs up good with ANY body with channeling spells.

    Worst Enemies(people to stay away from)



    If you are Omni RUN RUN RUN RUN from this hero. Her purge takes of Repel, and Guardian (I think) Also purge cools down SO SO SO SO fast. SO, be very very very careful with this hero.

    Naga (with diffusal)


    She is a good ally but also a GOOD ENEMY. Most likely if it's a good person playing her she will have diffusal blade (which can take of repel) and burn mana. So, Keep an eye on her items.

    Phantom lancer (with diffusal)


    If you want to see your mana go down in chunks, fight this guy with diffusal blade. Good bye Omniknight.

    His crazy attack speeds burns your mana like there is no tomorrow, stay away from this guy. Plus, his blink makes you Degen look like child's play.

    These are the heroes that are of greatest threat to omni knight. HE NEEDS AND THRIVES ON MANA. So, anyone that burns away mana stay away form them. Lime with allies.


    I will do the strategy portion of this guide later. This is enough for now, I tired lol. WOw I need a life.
  2. RawRr

    RawRr New Member

    Just questioning some things and adding my opinion not a hate thing >_<

    If he has slow attack speed then why not build Power Trends for him? Seeming that he already has his degen aura he can more than outrun a hero.

    I also see that most the items you build for him is intell stuff that requires mana to use >.<. In my opinion you would not have enough mana to control all those ablities especially with the build where you have Refresher Orb cause he is a str hero and you would need alot more than void stone to regen his mana for you to even try to use all those abilities.
  3. MG

    MG New Member

    nah, wit guinsoo , mek and book he should have enough stats in int to more than manage all the skills...if refresher is a prob..arcane ring ftw? :eek:
  4. mysticalears

    mysticalears New Member

    Because, the stats that power threads give VS the stats that BOT gives makes power threads inferior to BOT.

    Power Treads
    Shop Level: 1
    +65 Run Speed
    +35% Attack Speed


    Boots of Travel
    Shop Level: 1
    +90 Run Speed
    Active: Teleport
    60 Second Cooldown 3 Second Cast Time

    Cost is

    1530 VS 2700 = 1170 differenece.

    1170 Gold is not really much to farm. And, the benefits of BOT far outweighs the benefits of threads. The 35% increase in attack speed is not really all that needed. So, BOT better item on Omniknight (remember he is a pusher) pushers need quick lane transfer.

    With the build I outlined before, mana is not a problem. You should not run out of mana, unless you like to see teh effect of purification and you keep casting it over and over and over and over. These builds were done by me, and mana is not a problem. Also, Arcane is a good solution. But it is not needed.

    Thanks for feedback though
  5. scaR

    scaR New Member

    Just a general note. Desolator is not countered by Chain Mail. Common misconception.

    Not saying to get Deso with Omni, but it's not a useless item.
  6. archvile

    archvile Active Member

    cough teeef cough

    sounds reallllll familliar to one i read somwhere else...hehe look familliar mg?? lol
  7. mysticalears

    mysticalears New Member

    Sure it is, I never claimed it was original. I just claimed it was WRITTEN by a Gosu member for Gosu members. And, it should be something we should be proud about, as a supposed "gaming community" better guides can be found at dota-allstars.com and I have no intentions of hiding this fact! Also, there are not much more items to consider for omniknight. So, ALL the guides will look familiar throughout. Thehehehe. bye bye
  8. mysticalears

    mysticalears New Member

    It's a pretty useless item on most heroes. Except Sladar (amplify) Venge (Terror) And Nevermore (presence of the dark Lord) There are better items that can be had at a cheaper price. But alas, it's left up to opinion. I personally can't remember when last I build this item.
  9. seven

    seven New Member

    actually deso is a good item period depending on the opposing team....if sladar,venge and fiend then many others like bristle,bounty hunter,alchemist,leviathon, etc...das if u basing it on further decreasing someone's armour
  10. heady

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  11. MG

    MG New Member

    ^^ check thah uber selfish build lol
  12. seven

    seven New Member

    so much for omniknight being a support hero heady
  13. Paradoxxx

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    The idea of getting the bot is to aid in a chase, to get a hero not affected by your degen aura affected. The bonus +25ms helps with this, keep in mind during the team scenario you don't hit, you keep next to him and let your dps handle the kill.

    In addition there are situations in which your ally is being chased and he needs some help, omni can TP nearby and lend a heal. Your ally being doomed and on a death march to the fountain, or maybe you got the veno combo, axe hit him a hunger and he is under some other dot spell. Your healer is but 1 tp away.

    Then there is the whole xp adv of a bot buh lets not go there.

    I know everyone on the server builds SnY.. but its rarely built in professional games, meaning that most heros will run much slow than you. In a chase ms gets you more hits on your enemy than attack speed, in a standing battle (team pushes battles etc) attack speed gets in more damage.

    I wouldnt build stig on this hero but it does have its uses as a cheap but team oriented damage item. Definately not an item I would use on omni, the stig player needs to be able to quickly swap to another target, better done by a ranged hero imo.
  14. ladraxxx

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  15. phoenix31tt

    phoenix31tt New Member

    sighs... anybody reading what it does will realise that... 1000 + armor does not mean 100% reduction...

    and can u please stop linking to dota allstars and read the first post in the thread... it says WE DONT WANT IT LINKED TO DOTA-ALLSTARS.. we doing it as TG... jah
  16. mysticalears

    mysticalears New Member

    What non sense. No comments.

    Sigh, ent. I said at the beginning that I want guides to be written BY GOSU members FOR Gosu members.When done this way, people will get better SINCE research is required to write guides. Also, you will get exposure to weapons and their uses. COpying a guide makes no sense. You can read them, and them rewrite them FOR GOSU. What's teh sense in having an independant gaming community when we just coy and paste links? Sigh.
  17. ladraxxx

    ladraxxx New Member

    last time i did that i got a long lecture from scar about plagiarism... and somting about it can affect trinigamers web site and dont use other ppl post... i just telling yuh...:) it waS nnot my rules orr we would of have masss wc guides and dota guides i think u should talk to scar for more details
  18. scaR

    scaR New Member

    You never rewrote anything Nokio. You're too lazy for that. You just straight copy and pasted, then acted like it was your own. There is a difference.
  19. soldier

    soldier New Member

    I did that a couple times for news.. :eek:

  20. ecktt

    ecktt New Member

    So threads, sny, battle furry and radiance is a n00b build? Personally I start of with a RoB and farm to Nulls as fast as possible.

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