Running produces addictive chemicals in your body, the same found in marijuana

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    Endurance athletes sometimes say they're "addicted" to exercise. In fact, scientists have shown that rhythmic, continuous exercise — aerobic exercise — can in fact produce narcoticlike chemicals in the body.

    Now researchers suggest that those chemicals may have helped turn humans, as well as other animals, into long-distance runners.

    As a doctor, Morganti knows what regular running does for her body. "Your heart gets stronger. It gets bigger. The amount of blood your heart can pump is more." That's called "stroke volume." Oxygen metabolism gets more efficient, as well. "That means your blood vessels and muscles absorb more oxygen," she says. "Running also builds new bone."

    But when I ask her about "runner's high," she lights up. "Oh, it's really like an empowerment. And zen at the same time. You feel strong and light, and you feel relaxed."

    Morganti injured herself running two years ago and had to stop running. "And everything else fell apart," she admits. "My ability to cope with the stresses of life, my organizational skills juggling your job and motherhood, everything like that, wasn't as acute as it was when I was able to run and be fit."

    When people exercise aerobically, their bodies can actually make drugs — cannabinoids, the same kind of chemicals in marijuana. Raichlen wondered if other distance-running animals also produced those drugs. If so, maybe runner's high is not some peculiar thing with humans. Maybe it's an evolutionary payoff for doing something hard and painful, that also helps them survive better, be healthier, hunt better or have more offspring.

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    spicy food works as well.

    While under the influence of these you are able to achieve feats that your body normally would not allow you to. Using endorphins during training is a useful tool when you need to push beyond your normal limits
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    More like cannabinoids.

    Not endorphins or adrenaline.

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