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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Dn2, Sep 21, 2011.

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    As a Streamer i Care about my Product and what people see . so i understand him when he says make the game fun to watch. i stream allot of games, mainly RPG and even i get bored of what i am seeing at times but i know its up to me, to make the game interesting for my viewers. Professional Gaming Can be achieved If Game Developers Stop All the Focus on the gaming community and Find out what the NoN-Gamers would like to watch so that they can attract a New Audience. Being a Good streamer is Not easy but its one of the things that will make gaming reach on a "Pro" Level and that's why i do it :)

    Nice video i recommend any one who consider gaming to be a sport to watch this and learn some things about the industry

    Thanks Dn2
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    A lot of what they have said is true if developers want to push for e-sport. However success is measured financially and that typically revolves around your games being played by a wider audience. For certain games both can exist in harmony. For others it just is not being realistic.

    As a streamer you always have to remember to cater to the new viewers. This is why Day[9] is such a great caster.
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    6 mins and everything after

    Wait.... they say gaming needs MORE drama?????? Hope they doh get their wish on that one. I swear I feel like every time I see something about dota or whatever I cringe. :rolleyes:

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