Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Out Now!

Discussion in 'Console Couch' started by Geese, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. Geese

    Geese Administrator Staff Member

    The source of ""]this leak is now reporting that Marvel vs Capcom 3 is going to be announced in May.

    Given how accurate that leak was, it would ridiculous to ignore him this time especially since like last time, the thread has gone missing on SRK. What's even more peculiar is that he was banned as well!

    More on the ban here

    ""]YouTube- Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Teaser Trailer
  2. Hero

    Hero New Member

    Im excited ... being a trincity guy myself and we all know how much we love a mvc game :rolleyes: lol. But im not sure if i support the leak. umm mvc 3 though ... mmmhmm i getting goose bumps.
  3. Larutus

    Larutus New Member

    not sure if you support the leak? the leak he referring to is just information eh, which isn't really damaging in any event, in fact they benefiting now because we are here talking about it before it is even announced.

    capcom was never great at keeping secrets though..
  4. Hero

    Hero New Member

    i guess now they getting a sort of buzz marketing effect too. But information is power . Im pretty sure there are many scenarios where small leaks like that could take a turn for the worse. I mean as a company there are reasons u keep things secrets right? Maybe u have contracts with other game companies and u about to release a title for another company but u dont want the other client to turn sour because u supplyin their competitor.

    bla bla . it also would affect stocks etc . and even game sales. Like if ppl knew too early sony was making a pc3 ... ps2 sales would drop for a while. This is just an example though .. i do know ps2 was one of the few systems of that generation that was still making good sales even when the next gen consoles came out.
  5. Geese

    Geese Administrator Staff Member


    Notice none of these leaks are corporate. Corporate leaks = lawsuit.

    Would not affect stock, why would sales on an existing system slow down from the announcement of a new system that is usually announced a year before release.
  6. Hero

    Hero New Member

    I disagree .

    One of the first things we do before we buy games and consoles is check the release of a sequel or a new console. No one wants to say " eh boi i finally get mvc2 we sweating that tonight , i buy it original too $500 but it will be worth it." Friend: hoss u know mvc3 coming out in 2 months right?


    U may be right on the corporate level thing but i am pretty sure there are ways to prosecute someone for a leak of information.

    And then there are the fanboys ... players turning blind eyes to companies just because they decided to have titles released exclusively to one console.

    we can have the simple poll asking a question like this.
    you have decided you feeling like mvc2 so u wanna go out and buy it. Would you buy mvc2 after your friend has told you mvc3 is going to come out soon?

    You guys need to think of this on a consumer level. All kinds of things affect media sales. Wars, weather,sports,actors,endorsements.

    Lol is like the south park episode.... what tiger woods got caught cheating? K well now i want a tiger woods game.

    Its a bit out of context i know but im just saying .... its called a leak for a reason. The company did not want you to know yet for several reasons and since its a company we know all the reasons are profitable to them. Otherwise they would of told us before.
  7. Larutus

    Larutus New Member

    Hero, take notes... (the following points are not intended to be offensive)

    1) capcom is upset about the leak because people did not hear it from them first, they were planning on announcing "something" in a month anyway.

    2) when is the last time you saw MVC2 on shelves for sale at launch price? the game is kinda old, whoever needed to play it already has. The only way to get it legit now is to find it in a bargain bin or purchase it online via XBL arcade or psn. Typically sales of games with upcoming sequels INCREASE when the sequel is announced. MVC2 just became even more popular with this leak, even if the 3rd game is never seen, sales of MVC2 will continue at the current reduced rate.

    3) prior to sequel announcements most successful games are normally repackaged and sold at a reduced rate often titled as 'GOTY edition' or sumtin so eg: mass effect, assassins creed, Diablo 2, Gears of War, God of War, Star Wars Force Unleashed etc.

    4) EA has sequels to most of their sports titles every single year, FIFA 2010 is still being sold and guess what, the sequel is coming in a few months.
  8. Hero

    Hero New Member

    all examples were used in a past context. K understood i noted all of that.

    I just wondering if u understood where i was coming from. Like the only thing i want to further respond to is that " they are mad because people didnt hear it from them." Companies lose credibility when things are easily leaked. loss of cred = loss of sales?!?

    I just believe there are alot of scenarios where simple info like really could change alot of little things that would in turn change a big thing. But i note your response and still hold my opinion.
  9. Dn2

    Dn2 New Member


    this may be a Capcom game that i could get into easier that sf4 :D (will still get my a** washed tho)

    I think what they mean is that for games, leak = good/no effect, and u cant really hold someone responsible for information they were not privy to...unless.../lazy

    some lb2 char plz :)
  10. Larutus

    Larutus New Member

    easier? i doubt it oui!!!
  11. Dn2

    Dn2 New Member

    lol...ok maybe easier is not the word...i just like the idea of some 2D lovin....

    now im thinkin....if it will be sprites or models ...cause they could just extend off TvC :s...sign never mind
  12. Geese

    Geese Administrator Staff Member

    prolly a new engine with a style similar to TVC.
  13. Dn2

    Dn2 New Member

    crap...all this time i seeing Marvel vs Capcom and thinking vs snk :/
  14. Larutus

    Larutus New Member

    lol, doh worry, new kof later this year
  15. Geese

    Geese Administrator Staff Member

    I real wouldnt mind cvs2 on xbl.
  16. Geese

    Geese Administrator Staff Member

  17. New Era Outlaw

    New Era Outlaw Active Member

    It's quite possible. See, Tatsunoko is currently in talks with Marvel to have some comics done of their properties. Capcom, on the other hand, has Tatsunoko right under their belt.

    It's something that many gamers, including myself, have been asking for for the longest while, and Capcom's recently showing that they have been listening a lot of the fans, so my hopes are definitely high for this.
  18. *_Q_*

    *_Q_* Member

    I'm excited. I'm of the opinion that MvC 2 was utter balls so I hope pt 3 is an improvement.
  19. Imperial_X

    Imperial_X New Member

    I wish this was wrong and it was Capcom vs Snk 3. I'm with geese though, they're taking too long to put CvS2 online on xbl and psn. What gives?
  20. New Era Outlaw

    New Era Outlaw Active Member

    Probably licensing?

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