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    Discord is a new voice messaging application tailor made specifically for gamers. Available on multiple platforms, Discord is FREE for everyone to use and very easy to setup. If you’ve used programs such as Skype or Teamspeak for your gaming voice communications, you should be right at home with Discord. One major plus is the mobile app versions, so you don’t need to have a PC to use this chat program.

    Trinigamers has set up a server to replace our legacy Ventrilo server. If you had an account on our Ventrilo server you can easily create one for our new Discord server without any intervention from our staff.

    How can you connect to this server? We’ve broken the steps down for you below.

    Step 1 – Download Discord
    Discord can be downloaded here –

    Discord is available for

    • Windows
    • Mac OSX
    • Android
    • Apple IOS
    Step 2 – Install
    After downloading the app on your PC, execute the downloaded package to install on your system.

    Step 3 – Register An Account
    After installing, run the program. If you don’t have an account you can set up one on the splash screen. You will be required to enter an email address, username and password. Unlike our ventrilo server, you don’t need to message a TG admin to create an account.

    Step 4 – Join our server!
    A window will then popup after login prompting you to join a server. Click Join A Server.
    You will then be asked to enter an instant invite code. You can then enter the following code to join the Trinigamers server –


    Alternatively you can click on the link directly to launch the pc app once it has been installed on your system.

    Step 5 – Chat Away!
    At this point all that’s left to do is verify your email and begin chatting! You can chat via text or join a voice channel to start talking.

    General Tips
    Enable Push To Talk (PTT)
    While you can talk without using a push to talk button, we recommend using PTT for your voice communications. If you choose not to enable PTT be sure to check the voice settings to adjust your Voice Activity in your user settings via the Gear button to left of the chat bar.
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