Introduction to Fitness from a gamer's persective

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by scaR, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. scaR

    scaR New Member

    I've been wanting to set up a Fitness forum for some time now. This is as good a time as any. Carnival is just around the corner and people are hitting the gym for what is likely their only month of the year. This is more long term though. Gamers should strive to be more active.

    How else would we live past Blizzard and Valve's notorious delays?
    Yes, I'm being serious here. You know Dota 2 and Diablo III isn't really coming until next year!

    The idea is to change your lifestyle. Eat better. That means less fatty foods like KFC and doubles, less processed food like Bourbon and Corn Curls. The more natural your diet gets the better. Fruits and veggies are more healthy and keep you filled longer. Whole grains are FTW. Sometimes you can even take a weekend off if you've earned it.

  2. kayode

    kayode Active Member

    Thanks for posting this, scaR.
  3. groff[MFK]©

    groff[MFK]© Active Member

    this could really help man nice one scaR ...:D
  4. Kira

    Kira New Member

    Excellent idea Scar.

    Any tips for me on how to eat less and gain weight? lol
  5. scaR

    scaR New Member


    ""]YouTube - JoJo doin 50KG SQUATZ!
  6. mojo

    mojo New Member

    why u want to gain weight?
    I could send you a PM if you serious...
  7. Dn2

    Dn2 New Member

    mojo pushin roids
  8. mojo

    mojo New Member

    you're way off...
    you want the PM too?
  9. Dn2

    Dn2 New Member

    nah hoss i friad o_O
    my mind is a bit perverted
  10. mojo

    mojo New Member

    and mine is a lot...

    enough trolling though... this is a serious thread.
  11. doomtack

    doomtack New Member

    ay mojo... i still waitin on that "secret" yuh kno :p
  12. Pacmania

    Pacmania New Member

    fitness tourney incoming!!
    BYOT (bring your own treadmill)
    rules will be posted at a later date lol :D
  13. mojo

    mojo New Member

  14. Angel of Death

    Angel of Death New Member

    wats some really good ab intense workouts?
  15. Larutus

    Larutus New Member

    try this program, you can find it via torrents or legit purchase i am sure

    ""]YouTube - Tony Horton's Ten Minute Trainer New Promo Video!

    nobody has excuses to say they do not have 10 minutes to spare doing some exercise
  16. groff[MFK]©

    groff[MFK]© Active Member

    hahah lol @ larutus ...:D
  17. Anoreth

    Anoreth New Member

    Where did you get this wonderful pic from. *hint hint*
  18. mojo

    mojo New Member

    The url is watermarked on the pic...
  19. kayode

    kayode Active Member

    I'm considering power training only next time I hit gym. Not too interested in the cut-up look... rather have muscle bulk.
  20. Larutus

    Larutus New Member

    I serious boy Groff, then umber 1 excuse people who do not exercise use is "that they simply do not have the time".

    Everyone has time, they just need to be willing to use it toward personal fitness. I've lost a lot of weight over the last year from doing regular cardio in the gym which is currently supplemented with light weight training. The results are noticeable and I feel incredible.

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