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Discussion in 'DotA Guides and Charts' started by scaR, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. scaR

    scaR New Member

    Ok, I lied. No one pwns DGW, no one... but since I've gotten you in here lets begin.

    If you're new and you get called n00b it's for a reason. You suck. Now you can get better because no one likes to play with a n00b. And if you're new you should inform your team mates, ask for help and follow instructions. Once you're helpful, willing to learn and help yourself people will be nice to you.

    :excl: And never, never :nono: leave a game if you're losing unless you have conferred with your team mates and your opponents to end it.

    Basic Guides

    - Hitchhikers Guide to DotA -- 5 stars, very well detailed, must read for pro/beginner.
    - DotA Terminology, Commands and Allusions -- 3 stars, good material for beginners.
    - Wikipedia DotA Encyclopedia -- 2 stars, ok for beginners.

    More info will be added. If you know of any guides that can be helpful, PM me with the link.
  2. Xecutiona

    Xecutiona New Member


    i go start to play dotA now
  3. Latoneyde

    Latoneyde Member

    It eh go help Xec, we all know you is a Dota hater inside!!

  4. Xecutiona

    Xecutiona New Member

    real words of encouragement from meh bro ent?? sigh
  5. Hidden

    Hidden New Member

    Look lats!
  6. CRaZYMoFo

    CRaZYMoFo New Member

    nice stuff scar :D I go read later and see if dey have anything dat go help ppl to lessen their laggy conns :p

    lol@ the bros
  7. scaR

    scaR New Member

    As far as laggy connections go, close all your sh!t if you on dialup. MSN, IRC everything. Took me from 1 kill 16 deaths to 17 kills 3 deaths godlike, lol.
  8. Crixx_Creww

    Crixx_Creww New Member


    lol @ how to pwn DGW lol that got me in the thread for sure ahahah

    lol, third, lol @ lemonade dissin xec ahah

    4th lol @ scar using -no lag mode and starting to omg wtf pwn lol
  9. SPK

    SPK Member

    lol....*goes to start reading*

    Time for me to actually learn this game...

    *next time, put me on a banlist if u see me play the game more than 5-6 times outta idleness* :p.
  10. archvile

    archvile Active Member

    BUH WA DE !! AHAHAH how to pwn DGW to attack men hahah pssfht. yesh yesh the gosu squad, yuhjuist hadda know how to kill im...come to think ah it..cyah rem last time he was on the opposite team and not

    Tho all new players, aka Noobs, welcome, and learn quickly to play with the beter players, some are kind enough to help u maybe even train u, myself included, just be poilte and dont insult the others, especially regulars and players much better than you. It's gonan set u off onthe wrong foot with them..and banlists are becoming active...anywwas.. HAVE FUN!

  11. Crixx_Creww

    Crixx_Creww New Member

    Was the worstttt thing in the world during a dota match?

    Worse than leavers and laggers??



    so if your a noob and you know yu hadda hide behind ah man skirt during a game. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DONT TROW TALK!!
  12. PhoeniX

    PhoeniX New Member

    how to pwn DGW? is scar alrite???? not hard to beat DGW .... LOL

    oh yea this crixx guy does he play on server??? :s
  13. scaR

    scaR New Member

    Also if you looking at people's builds to see what to buy, do not take pointers from nokio/ladraz.. ever.. ever ever.
  14. archvile

    archvile Active Member

    nokio is the manwho make 3 blade mail..2 plate mail and a boots with Keeper of the light...
  15. ecktt

    ecktt New Member

    but dat sounding like a real boss build!
  16. scaR

    scaR New Member

    You know nokio still doing that stacking blade mail thing? Other heroes though.
  17. Angel of Death

    Angel of Death New Member

    Well since i cant ask nokio for advice can i use this thread for advice and if so can u advise me on a strat magnataur because i find he slow in as and ms .
    Help plz!:)
  18. Paradoxxx

    Paradoxxx New Member

    I have retired somewhat from DotA (No longer play on the local server).
    My strat way back in the day is as follows.

    Take wave and stats till wave is maxed out. Try to get a Perseverence ASAP and spam wave to get creepkills and hit heros, try to get the best shot in. Go for cleaving next and get a Battlefury.

    Of course thats just a framework, throw in some bracers and a boots when necessary or go cleaving if you are playing against melee.
  19. m_illusionist

    m_illusionist New Member

    LEEF the noobs who we go beat up on? eh ppl? lol... except me and them on the server/./.
  20. BIRD

    BIRD New Member

    Gosh m , everbodie dun kno u cya beat a fly in wc , :p!!!!

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