I heard you got bells

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by the_steph, May 2, 2012.

  1. the_steph

    the_steph New Member

    you got bells?
  2. Dn2

    Dn2 New Member

    bought a fresh pair of 25's
  3. scaR

    scaR New Member

    Nice! Pics?
  4. Dn2

    Dn2 New Member

    25lbs eh >__>

  5. the_steph

    the_steph New Member

    ah could get a borrow o wah?
  6. scaR

    scaR New Member

    Looks good. Do some lunges.

    "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7KaRcUTQeE"]How To: Dumbbell Stepping-Lunge - YouTube
  7. Dn2

    Dn2 New Member

    lol sure

    Scar, thanks for the vid. currently do it without the bells. will try this and see the effects o_O.
    Just need a pair of gloves for pull-ups now, as its a bit of a sharp/rough edge in the hallway with some vent/bricks.

    Oh and that time in shoutbox you mentioned something about meat. What do you eat? beef, chicken?
  8. Dn2

    Dn2 New Member

    yea Scar, you tryin to kill me
  9. scaR

    scaR New Member

    It's not as easy as it looks, that's for sure. LOL! Time for squats :D

    "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24PeqytTtq4"]Dumbbell Squat - YouTube

    For protein I don't really discriminate. Most times it's chicken. Eggs in the morning. A glass of milk after a workout always, no need for those protein shakes unless you are already well built. Tuna is also a really good source of protein and it is cheap.

    I'm looking to build a power rack, still in the designing phase though.
  10. mojo

    mojo New Member

    If you are training everyday you will need that extra protein so you don't end up feeling like shit the next day. You can mix up your own protein cocktail or buy any of the good commercial ones. Mixing your after workout with fat (like whole milk or peanut butter) is especially useful if you work out on evenings as the fat causes a gradual release of protein while your muscles recover at night.

    Normally the best way to get vitamins if from your everyday diet. When you know you not getting it from your crappy diet (ALA KFC) you need to find a supplement that suits your needs. There's Centrum and Pharmaton for the normal folks and stuff like Orange Triad and Animal Pak for the most extreme athletes.

    There are so many health benefits of using Omega 3 fatty acids and the one I am quoting in no way overshadows any of them. Consuming 4-6g of Fish oil per day triggers a natural thermogenic reaction in your body which helps you burn fat during a workout.

    There are a lot of body type specific tips and tricks to building lean mass. I found that google is extremely useful.
  11. the_steph

    the_steph New Member

    great advice guys

    i always tell people some good ole fashion diet of proteins (meat, eggs, milk etc) is good enough for most workouts and a lot of those protein powders have side effects
  12. scaR

    scaR New Member

    I split the thread to a more appropriate forum.

    Once done properly, squats will hurt for days. :D

    In six months we gonna see a beefy Dn2. Start taking progress pics from now.
  13. soldier

    soldier New Member

    If you're now starting off, i think the 25 will be too heavy for you.

    I think about buying some adjustable dumbells. 0-40kg.

    750$.lawd :confused:
  14. Dn2

    Dn2 New Member

    I started last year for a couple month well...then it was and on and off thing...then completely stopped for the last 3~4 months

    Yep, found great diet advice on google but had to drop dairy products tho(milk, cottage cheese). Use to get away with it sometimes but now a lil bit of milk in my oats just for taste not sitting well. Ate eggs two weeks straight and on the 15th day i couldnt bare the taste of it...almost threw up >_>. So now my diet is less elaborate less and effort.

    -Home made granola (Almonds, dried berries, peanut butter, oats, fake ass maple syrup, protein powered/flax seed/both ) for breakfast/dinner or whenever hungry.
    -Protein shake (when i remember its there >_<)
    -Can O tuna (this has been lunch for a very long time. Now i just crack a tin and eat with mayo,onions, garlic etc)
    -Haven't bought chicken in a while. Usually cook it up with broccoli and stick in fridge.

    @solider using my cuz's 10lbs for a while now. Sure the 25 is heavy but so far i just do what i can pushing for more each time.

    @Scar yea had to do some stuff in town so i didnt do any lunges lol. will do today.
    post progress!

    @mojo great tips :)
  15. mojo

    mojo New Member

    I spoke to scar about your body type Dn2 and it seems that you need to take some additional precautions to build lean mass.

    Do not over exert yourself when working out. Because your body stores less fat and less sugar than larger guys, training too hard will cause you not to see the results you want.

    Try to consume more calories over the course of the day even if it means packing on some fat. Remember fat is good when you are aiming to bulk up.

    Immediately after a workout eat / drink something containing simple sugars. You body has consumed most of it's available energy and will start looking for it wherever it is stored. First from cells, then from fat and if you are lacking in the first 2, your muscles will be burnt :s This is not good for bulking.

    1g of fish oil a day should be enough if your percentage body fat is already where you want it to be

    SLEEP. As often as you can. Simple. Easy. Just do it.
  16. Dn2

    Dn2 New Member

    Makes sense. All doable so i'll give it a go. Good lookin out, man. thanks :D

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