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Discussion in 'Computer Gaming' started by Hero, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. Hero

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    I have tried about quite a few mods recently and I am starting to admire the amount of mods available for a beta game.

    Its pretty simple to install actually. U just download hon modification manager [hon modman] then what ever mod files u dl u just drop in in the folder and load it with the app.

    "http://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/forumdisplay.php?f=18"]Heroes of Newerth Forums

    All mods approved by s2 games heres a link and a screen shots of the mods i use.
    ( no random talks about hero need these mods to be pro bla bla bla.)
    Just like wow its nice to customize things to your gamestyle.

    Ok this my my mod man

    Bard gives me unit frames and lets me adjust the size of things such as my own hp and mana bars etc. Also has a nifty show of team mates ui.
    Oh it also allows me to say long lines of texts by clicking/no typing.

    So i click a button and say Middle heroes is MISSING from the middle lane.
    Or on my way to gank get ready!
    and u can add ur own jokes and phrases in. Best mod imo hands down

    then we have the rune timer. Well i know the rune spawns every 2 mins but alot of times we forget , a reminder is helpful runes are a very important part of hon.

    And the last one is a channel bar. U know sometimes how u doing a spell and u like ... I wonder how much time i have. Well u can see it in wow but not hon and this allows u to do it.

    "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92_oNVIthHw"]YouTube- Cookie Monster Texture Plus Sound Mod

    There is also a bill cosby mod too i heard that one before and its lol.

    So let me know what mods u like and think are imba.
    The hp mana percent mod current under dispute which is stupid cuz u can see their health and cookies. Only lil kids cant understand 1/4 a bar means 25% hp. Sigh ... anyways take a look
  2. archvile

    archvile Active Member

    LOl @ hero get a mod to spam ppl hahahah

    btw u didnt put the link
  3. Coke

    Coke Member

    umm, where to download this HON game???
  4. soldier

    soldier New Member

  5. Hero

    Hero New Member

    Someone please hold coke hand and walk him across the street :S .

    hear what coke post ur email and if anyone of us have beta invites expect to recieve one soon.

    Once you get the invite it will send u to beta.heroesofnewerth.com .

    Once there create an account then click download and download the game.
  6. Kira

    Kira New Member

    YOU need to stop spamming

    MISSING in BOTTOM lane

    and a lil more RE to BOTTOM lane

    you got me goddamned killed by non missing heroes :S

  7. Hero

    Hero New Member


    I have short cut phrases like .

    "I have just entered a world on fail in which I am quite familiar with"

    "Omw to gank GET READY"

    etc ...
  8. archvile

    archvile Active Member

    YOU need to start reading good and listen! lol i wasnt even Bot, i was mid! LOl

    tsk tsk, noob :p

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