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  1. sue

    sue New Member

    fellas i new to the DSL thing...

    before on dial-up i had no issues logging in to garena but now i getting stuck on the login box....after i click "login" it taking forever and then telling me connection to server failed.

    i drop my firewall as well as tell that indian fellah from TSTT to drop my firewall there but still same thing..

    i upgrade my garena to the newest version too.

    any suggestions?:confused:
  2. heady

    heady New Member

    choose another server if 1 aint choose another
  3. sue

    sue New Member

    tried that

    same result
  4. soldier

    soldier New Member

    And if that doesn't work, then clarify with TSTT that they dropped your firewall.

    Should have gone flow :)
  5. sue

    sue New Member


    lol @ flow

    wasn't an cable down by me...only directv
  6. Doobs

    Doobs New Member

    no game 4 juuuuuu!!!!
  7. Malice

    Malice Member

    yea well once you now get dsl, you gotta call tstt 824 8788 and den option 5 then 2 then 2 (yes i know it by heart, im forming relationships with tstt workers with how often i havta call those *censored* =D) anyway, when they actually do connect you through the line and pick up the phone, tell them "you f*ck*ng retards! Take down this *censored* firewall, It blocks everything short of blocking my entire internet altogether" =D
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  8. sue

    sue New Member


    will do :)

    thanks for the help

    but at least they not blocking redtube and i goh live
  9. eddoes

    eddoes New Member


    u have no shame, using redtube??? steupss..

    anyways, it hadda be the firewall, no other problem i seeing there. if anything jus dmz all yuh ports :p
  10. sue

    sue New Member


    ok fellas i cooking with gas now

    thanks for the assistance
  11. mojo

    mojo New Member

    was it the firewall on tstt's end?
  12. Doobs

    Doobs New Member

    p0rnhub > red tube

    /me wonder if he shud make a poll on that
  13. sue

    sue New Member


    yeah mojo
  14. Anoreth

    Anoreth New Member

    sigh. Ive been getting problems with steam and Left 4 dead. So i say to hell with steam. now,all of you are probably thinking and laughing "silly Xen, you cant play left 4 dead unless you have steam!"wrong, you will have to use the command prompt if you want to play on other peoples games. Because as long as you use the command prompt to start the game for multiplayer use. I think anyone should be able to join, be it LAN or Internet WITHOUT the use of steam.
    Follow these steps...

    1. Make sure your developer console is enabled.

    2.On the main menu go to Options -> Keyboard/Mouse -> Developer Console -> Enable

    3. Press '~' key on your keyboard to call the console.

    4. Then type in connect [space] [IP address]

    5. To figure out what are the IP addresses of the hosts, go to Lobby of Left 4 Dead on Garena, now on the player list you can see the crossed swords icon beside their names. This obviously mean that they are playing L4D. Simply click their names so a character info would appear including their IP addresses.


    Simple right?

    *****Creating a Campaign or a Versus******

    Just follow steps 1 and 2 above

    3. Then type on the console -----> map [space] [map name]

    4. A list of all maps will appear just after you typed map.

    Example : map l4d_hospital01_apartment. Enter

    Note: Creating a Versus game requires a different map. There is usually 'VS' included on the map. For example :

    map l4d_vs_hospital01_apartment. Enter

    NOTE: DO NOT USE THE MENUS TO HOST A GAME because nobody can join you. If you use the menus to create a Campaign or a Versus, it will require STEAM before they can join.

    Kudos to Garena tram for figuring out all of this, because there would be alot of people with copies of left 4 dead both legal and illegal, idling about doing nothing.
  15. Pweffy

    Pweffy New Member

    so the people playing the version of l4d that is available for dl on garena thread can successfly play/host games with steam users?
  16. Anoreth

    Anoreth New Member

    havent tried that aspect,through the menu, however through the console is a different story. I had my steam account running along with Garena and i was working just fine, hops joined the game on his steam account by using the command prompt to connect directly to my ip
  17. Michael_VR

    Michael_VR New Member

    SO i guess it workin now
  18. mojo

    mojo New Member

    i see it have a garena room now for l4d. Anyone know how that works?
  19. Anoreth

    Anoreth New Member

    it applies to what i stated above mojo
  20. mojo

    mojo New Member

    so when u in the garena room, what u have to type?

    /connect <hostname/useraccount/ipaddress?>

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