Gamers Lounge Media Thread - Pics, Vids & Hidden with Smallies

Discussion in 'Event Media' started by Geese, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. scaR

    scaR New Member

    So wait cold didn't know what I was talking about? ROFL!
  2. the_steph

    the_steph New Member

    I thought we had a pics section, Why not post the pictures there?

    What about the people who dont have facebook, don't like facebook?
    Even if they did use it they need to become friends to at least see the pictures...

    We need a more convenient way for the pics...
  3. phoenix31tt

    phoenix31tt New Member

    not to mention this new facebook not supported by my browser :S...

    /me loads up firefox 3
  4. Geese

    Geese Administrator Staff Member

    tg is very close to crossing it alloted bandwidth, the last few months have seen large increases in site traffic.
  5. Paradoxxx

    Paradoxxx New Member

    Your request has been noted though, we will figure out a way!

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