Gamers Lounge Media Thread - Pics, Vids & Hidden with Smallies

Discussion in 'Event Media' started by Geese, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. Geese

    Geese Administrator Staff Member


    Thanks to Ninja644 for the speedy upload! More to come!
  2. scaR

    scaR New Member

  3. bill

    bill New Member

    Timber Who
    Dd What?
  4. heady

    heady New Member

    yuh know yuh does b on facebook too much when yuh hover over pics to see if you get tags.
  5. Paradoxxx

    Paradoxxx New Member

    We got loads of pics to process, we will upload it to facebook as well. TAGS!!
  6. Sky

    Sky New Member

    I start trying to tag ppl today in work..
    hadda add some of allyuh on facebook
  7. eddoes

    eddoes New Member

    whre are the photos!!!

    where dem!!
  8. Paradoxxx

    Paradoxxx New Member

    We putting the logo on eeett to make sure other people don't take credit for it!
  9. Geese

    Geese Administrator Staff Member

    first batch should be up in a while
    working on it now
  10. Malice

    Malice Member

  11. phoenix31tt

    phoenix31tt New Member

  12. soldier

    soldier New Member

    who say ninja need to fix the date and time on he camera!
  13. Ragdac

    Ragdac New Member

    Knowing bill he was probably organizing ah raid on she panties :/
  14. Sky

    Sky New Member

    ermmmm - i do thsis..and I don't think I does be on FB too much.
  15. Malice

    Malice Member

  16. scaR

    scaR New Member

  17. soldier

    soldier New Member

  18. scaR

    scaR New Member

  19. Sky

    Sky New Member

    LMAO. wow... candid shots aren't cool at all.
  20. cold

    cold New Member

    lol @ scar

    lol scar yuh damn bastard. i now get what u mean with yuh pm on msn. lol. i go fix yuh next time ah see yuh

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