Doubles: The Big Debate

Discussion in 'Must Feeeed' started by bill, Sep 17, 2006.


what do you think is the best doubles.

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  1. the_steph

    the_steph New Member


    sorry to go off topic but this is funny to me due to the fact that bill is the one who start the doubles thread...
  2. groff[MFK]©

    groff[MFK]© Active Member

    I taste this one last week in Deba it was bess ....
  3. the_steph

    the_steph New Member

    Debe doubles used to be a nice lime (i've almost always lived close to Debe so it was nice to take a lil ride down)

    But i now hate Debe doubles! Ways to much grease/oil and curry etc...
  4. uLti

    uLti New Member

    Arima racetrack doubles and sahena, bess tasting doubles you could eat it cold to and it still tasting good.

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