Computers for Charity from spare parts

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by scaR, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. scaR

    scaR New Member

    After our first ""]charity project last year, many gamers asked to be involved the next time Trinigamers did something. This is an initiative we've had in mind for some time now. We would like your help to build as many computers as we can from spare parts. Once completed we would find suitable charities and/or needy families where they are needed and would be utilized.

    We're not looking to build monsters. Just dependable machines for educational use.

    Despite launching close to the end of the year, we view this as an on going year round community project.

    Anyone wishing to donate their spare parts can contact the following staff. They will arrange with you for pick up. Please do not send in junk or whole machines that might have random working parts.

    scaR (Tunapuna)
    Kaizen (San Fernando)

    For those more interested in the children's home " ""]Gift of Gaming " event we had last year. We are also working on a similar project. Details will be released when they become available.
  2. Geese

    Geese Administrator Staff Member

    I got few parts lying around.
  3. kaizen

    kaizen New Member Staff Member

    I have a brand new case, hard drive and some power supplies here.
  4. HCCA v2

    HCCA v2 New Member

    Someone told me abt this tonight so this weekend i'll do a clean up and see what i eh go be using for a while.

    For sure i have a case, psu, hard drive, ram, board, dvdrw, cdrw around :D
  5. Naveed123

    Naveed123 New Member

    Tringamers done help to build as many computers as we can from spare parts.

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