6.59 Hero Tiers

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    Got this from a thread on Dota-Allstars.

    I have to say I don't agree with Spectre up there at the top. Much too item dependant, requires too much farming. Possibly good, but not like NA. lulz @ bottle = full biuld

    Drow should be higher, she can have +100 dmg with a few wraiths, threads and maxed aura because of that new ultimate. If you know you will get ganked and you need a late game DPS, drow will deliver even with a few early deaths.

    PotM should be tier 1. Best DPS hero. Incredible ranged stun, aoe spell that can hit for double, very decent damage burst. Escape/chase mechanism. Gank/escape ultimate.

    Rikimaru belongs in tier 4.

    Tide is more like tier 3, after his gush+ultimate, he is almost useless.

    I did not get to go through the whole thing. What do you think?
  2. Hero

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    spec lost top tier imo when they nerfed her dagger to no longer give sight and her delayed attack on her ultimate, shes still a strong carry maybe tier 1.

    Wl should be tier 1.5 because of the current state of the gank era of dota where his golem cds are too big and is mostly used to carry babysitting.

    SA would have been tier 0-1 if they didnt nerf him so badly, hes about tier 2 atm. Potm is tier 1 . She isnt the best dps hero but her ability to gank/carry EASILY is almost too good. Lina's delay on stun and the use of her third spell as null and void means she is tier 3.

    Lion is awesome though.

    YEah other than that this guide was written a while ago judging from hero tiers. Cuz storm and undyin low down and we all know how imba undyin is. Storm actually isnt as gay as ppl think but yeah good hero tier/descriptions.

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