Vehicle Stolen @ Gulf City - White B13 PBE 987

Discussion in 'Life, the Universe and Everything' started by archvile, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. archvile

    archvile Active Member

    My vehicle, Nissan B13 PBE 987,
    was stolen between 405-445 yesterday evening in the Gulf City car park, right next to TGI Fridays'.

    Licence plates are more than likely changed by now so, distinguishable features are a crack on the left side of the front windscreen and a scrape on the left side mirror.
    Tint is very light and faded.

    Keep an eye out and if you see anything please contact me or 999 with any information.

  2. saGa

    saGa Active Member

    will keep an eye out
    sorry to hear
  3. phoenix31tt

    phoenix31tt New Member

    sigh... another person hit..

    sorry to hear that man...
    will keep an eye out
  4. doomtack

    doomtack New Member

    Gulf city still hasn't done anything about its security as yet? :S
    This happened to my uncle last year right in gulf city.
    They never got the car back.

    I hope you do, will keep an eye out.
  5. groff[MFK]©

    groff[MFK]© Active Member

    sorry to hear that hoss ... eyes out ....:D
  6. scaR

    scaR New Member

    Sorry to hear this. Will keep an eye out.
  7. eddoes

    eddoes New Member

    Dam! Things like dis does make me not want to park my almera in gulf yuh know!

    Will keep an eye out..
  8. Marcus

    Marcus New Member

    Sorry to hear that pal, will keep an eye out for u! Making me think twice about parking gulf again!
  9. Larutus

    Larutus New Member

    driving almera means you always have to be on the look out.

    Arch, tough spot to be in boy, cuz most of us know that b13's go for parts real often. But don;t give up hope, you just may get a call from the popo a lil while later saying they found it.

    May be a good idea for all those with vehicles that are no longer covered by fully comp insurance to consider a service like this one here
  10. Fermin

    Fermin New Member

    jahh ah nex victim of gulf city.. eyes out
  11. Paradoxxx

    Paradoxxx New Member


    a one time fee of $2800
  12. eddoes

    eddoes New Member

    Whoa para! Thats a great one there. But in your opinion, is it better than the car search I am going to install in a couple weeks?
  13. Xecutiona

    Xecutiona New Member

    carsearch = rf (if im not mistaken)

    gps is small, connects to the car's battery (some of them are independently powered as well) and is much more accurate!
  14. Paradoxxx

    Paradoxxx New Member

    I see there is armed response at a cost of $450 (when used).

    Whats the price of car search?
  15. soldier

    soldier New Member

    Sorry to hear. Out of curiosity, was there an alarm system installed on the car?

    Will keep my eye out for sure as I am from south.
  16. the_steph

    the_steph New Member

    Sorry to hear bro

    I am also in south and will keep an eye out
  17. eddoes

    eddoes New Member

    Car search is 1199 a year. There is an initial installation cost, kyah remember exactly how much atm.

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