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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Paradoxxx, Dec 30, 2005.

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    Well it seems alot of information on the next gen videocards are being leaked, ATi doesn't seem to have as many problems with the r580 as it did with the r520 (as mentioned during the r520 release). Once again ATi isn't adding more pixel pipelines, nvidia is taking a different approach and slapping on 32 pixelpipelines!

    Details on the r580

    Details on the G71

    How fast will these new cards be? Seems they will be faster than a GTX512 which is the top videocard at the moment.

    Availability? I have been reading from multiple sources that ATi has and can produce the r580 in mass quantities and it should be in stores for launch. I have no information on Nvidia lets hope its more like their 7800 release and less like their 512 release.
    End rumours

    I can't say that I agree with ATi technique to use less pixel pipelines but as I mentioned a few times I am impressed with their advancements in tech. The R580 is the real mccoy!! the way the r520 should have been.

    The g71 promises many great things and may easily be my new videocard, after a few generations of failure nvidia came back and are kicking ass. Though I dont like Nvidias huge PCBs or their lack of vision I can't deny that they have produced a powerful GPU(G70) that has a very nice price for the most.
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    those core speeds seem just about right, but I don't expect much improvement in memory clock speeds. The rumours for ati's R580 speeds seem a bit low. When the card is released, we more than often find that the speeds are more than what was initially rumoured. I believe this is ATi's strategy. Leak close to but not real specifications, and release something better. Either that or last minute break through with Technology.

    The last 2 generations of cards were indeed very close fights between the two graphics giants with no clear winner but IMO slanted in the favour of NVIDIA. Let's just wait and see what they will release next. In the end we the consumer / end user will benefit from competition.

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