Gaming Solutions - new branch Sangre Grande and upcoming tourny

Discussion in 'Gaming Hubs in Trinidad and Tobago' started by Hero, Jul 12, 2010.

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    Hey guys , we opened up today . I will try to post pics later this week. Gaming, mods , games , accesories , systems and fixing consoles etc.

    We looking to have a opening sweat/tourny soon. Its not my place but Im gonna be working here for a while and managing some tournies.

    The space / cooling definitely could hold a dread mini sweat. with space for a small audience. I was pushing for ssf4 but i know Trini-mfk have one coming soon but let me know if men willing to come down after that for a seperate tourny. Or even suggest other game tournies .. had a large surge of Fifa men today

    5 Lcds -2 xbox 360 , ps3 , ps2 and trailer lcd

    Hope to see some known grande men drop by and new. Anyways thats the word

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