What is Trinigamers

Trinigamers is a non-profit organization that operates within Trinidad & Tobago. We are a community based organization that focuses on the development of gaming and e-Sports.

Who runs Trinigamers?

Trinigamers is run by a small group of volunteer staff who offer their time and services to the organization free of charge.

What does Trinigamers Do?

Our organization hosts tournaments, leagues and gaming events both online and offline. We also do charitable work for select non-profits if time permits.

What is a non-profit organization?

A nonprofit organization is an organization that uses its surplus revenues to further achieve its purpose or mission, rather than distributing its surplus income to the organization’s directors (or equivalents) as profit.

Is Trinigamers a registered company?

Yes, Trinigamers is a registered non-profit organization, we can be found on the Ministry of Legal Affairs Companies Registry.

How long has Trinigamers been around?

We’ve been around since 2004 and were registered as a non-profit in 2009.

Are staff members paid?

Generally no, all staff members including directors are not usually paid. There are exceptions but these are also very rare.

Can I join Trinigamers Staff?

Yes! We’re always looking for volunteers to want to help out.

How can I join Trinigamers Staff?

It’s simple, just fill out a staff application form here. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

What kind of staff are you looking for?

Our organization is broken into 3 main areas – Website, Events and Administration.

Webs – works with contributors and the webmaster to keep content updated on our website.
Events – works with the Event Manager to produce our gaming events.
Administrative – works with management of Trinigamers to execute various administrative tasks.

If you think can contribute in some other capacity please feel free to contact us.

I’m still in school can I join staff?

Yes you can. Alot of our staff members previously have been students who joined to assist us in our endeavors.

Are there any formal requirements to join staff?

It depends on the area of staff you are interested in. For Events & Web staff, there are no formal requirements. Administrative staff requirements vary by position but it is recommended that applicants possess a minimum of 5 CXC passes if no formal requirements are listed for a specific position.

What type of time committment is required for staff members?

On average a non-administrative staff member can expect to spend about an hour to 2 hours per week on TG related activities. This may change depending on the projects we’re working on. Event staff are expected to be able to spend a minimum of 8 hours at our tournaments and events.

How does Trinigamers make money?

Contrary to popular belief we don’t make money. We hope to change that in the future to better serve the community.

How are expenses covered?

Presently our expenses are paid for by our directors and occassionally our members of staff.

What type of expenses does Trinigamers have?

Our expenses include web hosting, web development, equipment purchases, event venue rental fees, marketing etc.

Can I donate to Trinigamers?

Yes you can. Please contact us if you would like to donate to our organization.

Does Trinigamers run tournaments?

Yes we run both online and offline tournaments when time and resources permits.

Why don’t you run a tournament for (insert game here)?

There are varying factors that determine what games we run and how often we run it.  Our main reason for not running certain games are simply lack of resources.

By default console based tournaments are alot easier for us to run so you may notice more console based tournaments as opposed to PC based tournaments.

How often do you host tournaments and events?

We try to host at least 3 tournaments per year in various games. However, this depends on the availability of staff and other resources.

What services do you provide? I would like to hold a tournament/gaming event. Can Trinigamers help?

Yes we can.

Trinigamers provides video game event management consultancy which includes casual gaming and tournament management services. We also provide live streaming  for gaming events.

We offer assistance free of charge to community based tournament organizers who operate on a not for profit basis. Other businesses or corporate entities may contact us for more information on our services and rates.

Please note that we will not provide our services free of charge to corporate entities.

What separates Trinigamers from other local organizations?

Our vast wealth of knowledge and experience separates us from all other organizations locally. We have held over 50 tournaments and 300 smaller scaled events in our decade of operation.  Our team constantly tries to improve and stay abreast of e-sports developments locally, regionally and internationally.

In addition to being the first organization to host the first e-sports league in Trinidad & Tobago, we are very proud to have been the local innovators of several initiatives that are now commonplace at events locally. These include the introduction of the double elimination tournament system (2004),  a focus on video related content (2006) and the introduction of live streaming gaming events (2010)

We have also been fortunate to have consulted on and worked with some great people and organizations locally and internationally including the Ministry of Sport & Youth Affairs, United States Embassy, I-Stand Programme, the National Mentorship Programme, Blink, Sportsmax, Heineken, DirecTV, The Video X Games Foundation, The Rotary Club of St. Augustine, I-Play Cafe among others.

To summarize all of the above, we’re the best.