About Us

Trinigamers is a former community group based non-profit organization previously dedicated to promoting competitive gaming in Trinidad and Tobago.

Trinigamers was run by a small dedicated group of volunteers who offered their time, knowledge and personal equipment on a pro-bono basis to the gaming community.  By pooling the personal resources of our volunteers such as consoles, monitors and games etc we were able to host many tournaments and events both online and offline and as a result we saw the community grow into something special. Many lifelong friendships were formed and some of you even stepped up to support the community by hosting your own events and tournaments. We also got the opportunity to work with charitable and government  entities to bring the gift of gaming to the younger generation. Unfortunately for us, all good things must come to an end.

Many would have noticed that we have not held any tournaments or events in approximately 3 years, the website is rarely updated and that the forum has been inactive and locked for sometime with no new posts allowed.  Many of us who volunteered did so as teenagers and young adults, as time has passed many of us have grown older, with many real world responsibilities to consider and shoulder such as children, careers, caretaking of parents and even illness. As such we no longer have the time nor the resources to devote to the development of the organization and after consulting with our remaining volunteers, we have decided to formally cease our operations as a non-profit organization as of 2019.  We have never asked our supporters for donations or charged membership fees to run the organization in the past and we are not about to do so now. We have done our part and would like to preserve our legacy in that regard. The time has come for the next generation to step up to the plate and lead the community into the future.

We would like to thank everyone who visited our website, wore the TG tag at tournaments or in their gaming ids, attended and participated in our tournaments and volunteered their time, skills and personal equipment to our cause.

We would also like to encourage you to continue supporting the various tournaments and esports events held by other organizers throughout the country as they are the future of gaming in Trinidad & Tobago. Many of these events can be found on the various social groups on Facebook, so feel free to join any of the existing community groups for your game of choice.

We have not yet worked out a plan of archiving the contents of the forum. Much of our country’s gaming development happened as a result of the forum which existed long before our registration as a non-profit and we would like to preserve as much of that material as possible, because of this the current site will remain online until 2020.

Please note the following – The site, domain and user data are not for sale so don’t ask. Our discord server will remain active as it is a free service.