Street Fighter V Gets Thailand Stage Classic Stage DLC On April 25th


Capcom revealed today via the Capcom-Unity blog that Street Fighter V will be getting some new content on April 25.

Originally revealed at WonderCon 2017, Street Fighter II’s Thailand stage will be making an appearance in Street Fighter V, and will be priced at $3.99, or for 70,000 in-game fight money.


The stage’s intricate bell and statues have been carefully recreated in SFV with great detail, as well as the stage’s memorable theme.

Below are some concept art sketches from the team. We even explored a night time version of the stage, dramatically lit with candles but ultimately chose to stay true the original stage as much as possible.


Ryu, Juri, and Chun-Li will all be getting Premium costumes fashioned after various Japanese school archetypes. Chun-Li is getting an Honor Roll costume,  Ryu is depicted as a student gang leader and Juri takes on a more punk rock look.

All will be available the same day as the Thailand stage, and are priced at $3.99 each.

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Capcom Unity


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