Overwatch Beta Starts On October 27th


Announced at Blizzcon last year, Blizzard’s highly anticipated team based shooter now has a start date for their beta test. Starting on October 27th some lucky players will be the first to play in the Overwatch beta.

Blizzard hopes to accomplish two goals with their public beta test: firstly, gathering alot of feedback on the gameplay from the many players that will undoubtedly try to get into the beta. Secondly, stress testing their server infrastructure and making sure their game runs on as many varying PC configurations as possible.

The beta will be divided into two groups each having their own schedules and objectives. The Closed beta group will be the core group of testers who will provide gameplay feedback to the developers. Blizzard hopes to have players dissect every aspect of the game and post their feedback on the official forums. The first phase of this Closed Beta will start on October 27th with more players added gradually as needed.

The second group will be those players who are a part of the Beta Test Weekends, these Weekend tests will have a larger group of players as Blizzard will “open the flood gates” for users to help with server stress testing. These tests are slated to run for a shorter period of time, with several planned over the coming months. The first Beta Weekend is scheduled for after Blizzcon later this year,

The Overwatch is class based team shooter exclusive to PC, as of now there is no release date.

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