Batman The Killing Joke Animated Film May Be Rated R


Earlier this year Bruce Timm announced that an animated adaptation of Batman The Killing Joke was in the works for 2016.  Most of the DC animated movies haven’t exactly been kid friendly, but the content of The Killing Joke is far from PG-13, it is much darker than any Batman story that had been told when it was released in 1988.  Many fans have been speculating that the content of the animated movie might be toned down as DC has never released an animated movie with a rating above PG-13.

However it looks like fans might get the darkest animated film that DC has ever produced as the company has given the go ahead for an R rated film. The reveal came from producer James Tucker during a Q&A panel for the upcoming Batman: Bad Blood animated movie at New York Comic Con.

At first, we were pretty much told that was what we were going to do, is to do a new universe thing coming off the New 52. But having said that, I actually really enjoy what we’re doing. And also we do three movies a year, two of them are in continuity and one is an adaptation, or an original, or whatever we want it to be. So we still do adaptations. Killing Joke is next year. So you’re kind of getting the best of both worlds, because there’s a finite amount of adaptations really. So doing one a year as opposed to three a year is probably going to make them last a little longer.”

And you know, they said we could make it a R. Not saying that’s what it will be, but we’ll see

– James Tucker

Batman The Killing Joke is a graphic novel written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Brian Bolland that explores an origin story for The Joker. The novel highlighted just how far the Joker would go to prove that anyone could become exactly him. The animated film is scheduled for release in 2016.


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