Vega Returns In Street Fighter V


Everyone’s favorite Spanish ninja has been confirmed for Street Fighter V. Vega, the masked narcissist will return in Capcom’s flagship fighter. Sporting a new look, Vega will play somewhat differently from his Street Fighter 4 incarnation.
Players will now have the option to play with or without his trademark claw during battle. Playing without his claw will give him access to new attacks including a command grab.

His V-Skill is Matador Turn where he can swiftly dodge an opponent’s attack and then counterattack.

His V-Trigger is Bloody Kiss. Vega throws a rose at high velocity towards the opponent. If it hits, he charges behind it and delivers a series of brutal slashes that devastate the enemy. The move can be done as an anti-air from crouch or as an air attack when jumping forward, making it an extremely versatile projectile attack, as well as a combo extender.

Vega will be playable at this week’s Gamescom Expo.



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