Mobile Version Of Hearthstone Will Feature Cross Play with PC & Tablet Versions


Both the iPhone and Android smartphone editions of Hearthstone will be fully compatible with the PC, iPad, Mac, and Android tablet versions, Blizzard has confirmed.

Eric Dodds, one of the principal designers of the popular collectable card game, said in an interview with GameSpot that–much like with the desktop and tablet versions–players will still be given no discernible hints about what device their opponent is playing with.

“When you start a match on a phone, you could be playing someone on another phone, someone on a tablet, on a PC, who knows? It’s all one big ecosystem,” he said.

One subject which he discussed with less confident language, however, was smartphone battery life. From a full charge, the iPad version can only be unplugged for a couple of hours before battery begins to reach a critical point. Whether smartphones can handle such demand, along with its day-to-day duties, remains to be seen.

“Hearthstone is certainly… it’s a beautiful game, so it definitely uses power,” Dodds said. “One thing we’re constantly thinking about is how to make the most of the phone’s battery.”

He also appeared to be unsure whether Hearthstone, with its always-online connection policy, would eat up excessive amounts of data on phones.

“I don’t know if it uses a lot of data,” he said. “You have to have a constant connection though. I wouldn’t recommend playing it on a train.”

In February, Blizzard released the first images of how Hearthstone would appear on smartphones. Much of the background details have been cropped out, and the UI has been rebuilt, in order to maximize the visibility of minions and cards. The first images can be seen below.


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