BBC Film To Highlight The Creation Of Grand Theft Auto


The BBC has announced plans for a new dramatic project based on the creation of Grand Theft Auto. Rockstar’s biggest franchise is developed at Rockstar North in Edinburgh, Scotland.

According to information received by Engadget from the BBC, the program will be a single 90-minute affair. Involve is Guy Cocker, a journalist who has worked with Wired UK, Sky News, and a number of others.

The Grand Theft Auto project is part of the BBC’s Make it Digital campaign, which is designed to promote coding literacy in the UK. Every child in year seven of the country’s schooling (age 11 or 12) will be given a device appropriate for coding.

“The UK is facing a significant skills shortage with 1.4m digital professionals needed over the next five years,” the BBC says. “BBC Make it Digital will capture the spirit of the BBC Micro, which helped Britain get to grips with the first wave of personal computers in the 1980s, for the digital age. It will put digital creativity in the spotlight like never before, and help build the nation’s digital skills, through an ambitious range of new programmes, partnerships and projects.”

No release timing has been announced yet for the Grand Theft Auto drama.


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