Trinigamers FIFA 14 Road To World Cup Tournament Report


As with Fight Club 4, the morning of this tournament was filled with as much gloom as the rainy weather was definitely against us this time as well, but we persevered and were rewarded with some sun and shine once we opened the doors to for the entrants. We encountered some minor technical difficulties and unexpected setbacks with the concern being consoles not being fully updated with the latest squads due to lack of internet access. However, this proved to be minor as all but one system were updated and thanks to the generous data share from our fellow staff members we quickly updated the team rosters and finished our set up to start our first ever Trinigamers Fifa 14 Tournament.

Fifa 14_30

Although the turnout wasn’t as large as we anticipated, an incredible 28 players came out to our proving grounds to show their worth and contest for the tournament’s first prize place of $2000. We even had notable players from the Fighting Game community coming out and taking part in this tournament.

As we closed up our registration process and finished seeding the brackets, the first group of players were directed to their respective table to start their controller syncing process and organize their own game winning squads.

Fifa 14_12

C News reporter, Peter Christopher came out to support and being a good sport decided to enter the tournament! Thanks for coming Peter.

With players in position, it was time to being the Road to World Cup 2014 tournament. The first round matches were awesome with some players showing clear superiority over others sending them to their first of two allowed losses.

Players also had to opportunity to enjoy some delicious food catered by Ellerz Café who provided lunches for all the competitors. Their fish is highly recommended.

This tournament was fierce and saw some great players never missing out on a chance to shine against their opponents. Most wins were absolute with no chance of comebacks in the seconds round with massive leads. One player even managed to defeat his opponent 8-0 showing that he came prepared to contest that first place spot.

But even that level of skill wasn’t enough as the following players took the 4th-2nd place.

Fifa 14_4

4th Place went to Carlon Garcia, father of the tournament champion.

Fourth place went to the father of one of the best Fifa players I have ever seen. Congratulations to Carlon Garcia, his high game winning scoreline was enough to prove he is one of the top four in this tournament.

Fifa 14_3

3rd Place Marc Ramdath receives his prize from Trinigamers director Akil O’Connor

Stepping up the game a notch was Marc Ramdath. Congrats are in order for even third place was hard to get in this tournament.

Fifa 14_2

Runner up Javon Charles receives his prize from Trinigamers staff member Devon Dickson

Well I won’t say I wasn’t as surprised as many other players at the start of the tournament when I didn’t see this player take first place, but that just goes to show you how amazing this tournament was. Second place goes to one of the best Fifa players currently in Trinidad & Tobago with Javon Charles taking the runner up position.

Fifa 14_1

1st Place Damani Garcia receives his first place prize of $2000 from Trinigamers director Aleem Mohammed

Alas not even that show of Fifa prowess by Javon Charles was enough against our first place winner who demonstrated clear superiority against many players throughout the tournament to take first place and lay claim to being one of the best FIFA players around. You can say what you will but if you weren’t there to stop him then you can’t deny his skill. Here’s our first place winner the young Damani Garcia who defeated all of his opponents to claim TG Fifa Championship title.For that day and I will tell you from my own personal eye witness account, the first match I saw with this kid made me turn and tell my cohorts “I would be shocked if he doesn’t take first place, this kid is awesome”.

And that’s all there was for this amazing tournament, to all the players who couldn’t make all I have to say is that it was not disappointing and some of the best players showed their worth that day. Congratulations to all that took part and to those that topped the tournament you have all earned your bragging rights with us here at Trinigamers. I hope to see you all at our next e-sports event


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