Guild Wars 2 has not seen an update since April 15th and we are STARVED! Welcome everyone to the Festival of the Four Winds.

To celebrate the launch of Guild Wars 2 in China. (If you didn’t hear about that, check here for more information), Arenanet is hosting an in-game festival! The Festival of the Four Winds!


What can players expect from this festival? In the Festival of the Four Winds, players will see the return of theZephyrites and also players will be able to take on challenges and activities to raise funds towards the rebuilding of Lion’s Arch. Some of the challenges that will be returning is the Crown Pavillion and the Queen’s Gauntlet.

The Crown Pavillion is a massive arena that is split up into different zones. Each zone contains different types of enemies and different Champions spawn to challenge hordes of players. Suspended high above the Crown Pavillion is the Queen’s Gauntlet.

The Queen’s Gauntlet was a special dome arena that players could enter to fight chosen enemies to win prizes. It has returned for the Festival of the Four Winds with new enemies to face.


There has not bee much information coming out about this festival, but either way players are excited. This patch is set to release on May 20th, 2014

Looking forward to seeing you in game,

Angry Fig


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