The April 2014 Feature Pack is ALMOST here! With changes that affect the world of Tyria and game balances.

In previous Guild Wars 2 articles we covered these topics:

The final announcements that were made about the April 15 patch was the introduction of a megaserver. That’s right, a MEGASERVER
Introducing the Megaserver System – Before in Guild Wars 2, each home server (Blackgate, Fort Aspenwood, Henge of Deravi etc) would have their own seperate map and you can only see players from your home server on the map. Now instead of only seeing from your home server, they are reducing the number of maps so that more players will be together.
E.g. Iron Marches. Instead of there being over 15 different versions of the map Iron Marches, there will be 1version that will host players from ALL of the servers. This way on the less active maps, there will be more people
The Megaserver System: World Bosses and Events – All World Bosses (Megadestroyer, Jungle Wurm, Shadow Behemot etc.) will be on a specific timer! It won’t vary from server to server
The Megaserver System: Guilds and the Future – If a guild exists on different home worlds, then it would exists as a seperate guild and guild members won’t truly be able to play with each other. Now all guild members regardless of home server will be connected.
There have also been several live streams being done by the Arenanet’s team that has been explaining even more changes. The hard-working crew at compiled all of the information during the different live streams and put it in an article (DULFY ARTICLE)
One of the most interesting pieces of information that was released was that there will be a new ‘Team Deathmatch’ mode for PvP
Map Preview
No capture points, pure team deathmatch. Custom arena map only.
Kept it small so you don’t have to look for your opponents.
Pillars you can use to LoS
Broken down temple map theme with a lot of vibrant colors and flowers. One side is blue themed, the other side is more red themed so you always know where you are.
Map  has two concentric rings – inner rings and upper outer ring.
Two traditional bases
Support up to 5v5
A lot of places where you can do a “cutback” and get behind your opponent if you are getting chased.
There are ALOT of changes coming in this patch. I am personally excited to see how it unfolds. And of course good luck to each server in the WvW Spring Tournament!
As always, feel free to join the Guild Wars 2 Trinidad and Tobago group to connect with the local players .
Looking forward to seeing you in game,
Angry Fig

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