Trinigamers Fight Club 4 – A quick recap

The morning of April 6th was filled with gloom as grey clouds crowded over most of the East-West corridor. Hence, the day began with the weather against us. Rain in the past has been known to disrupt and even cancel tournaments. Thankfully by 10 AM the sun was back out. With the weather now permitting play and most of the Trinigamers staff at our location in St. Joseph, we were ready to get Fight Club 4 off the ground. After a fierce battle of Man vs. PS3, the technical difficulties were defeated. All players were registered, all technical difficulties resolved, thus, tournament began.
But first let me take a #selfie…..wait no…. let me get some food. At the location, we had Ellerz Café providing lunch. You had the choice of spaghetti and meatballs or fish and chips. They also provided drinks. Without hesitation, I will attest that yesterday I tasted the best fried fish my mouth has ever come across.
Another main attraction was the presence of Anime Central TNT. These anime enthusiasts brought a calming sense of variety to the event. They showcased some of their merchandise and gave the gaming community a taste of what the anime community has to offer. They also had gaming relating merchandise.
Aside from the main attraction of the tournaments, we had two free to play options along the competitive games.
Firstly, we had Chrono Fantasy showcasing project M. This was a major attraction to younger plays and the gamers who wanted something casual when the heat of the competition became too much.

Secondly, we had Miguel who brought his old school arcade set up. This was supposedly a casual “sweat” but Fight Club 4 tells a different story. There was always a crowd of at least 10 players waiting to get a chance to play Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting. The crowd grew even larger when old school legends take a shot at a past rivalry.

It is common knowledge that gamers get occasional injuries. A common method to relieve such injuries would be getting a massage. With this in mind, Bee Waxed had their set up inside Fight Club 4. They provided a range of massages and cosmetic practices which proved to be quite popular with competitors.
After a great day of food, fighting (in street fighter) and community integration, the tournaments came to a close:
1st Place – Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition – Che Noel
2nd Place – Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition – Marcus Guide
3rd Place – Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition – Marc-Anthony Kendall
1st Place – Injustice: Gods Among Us – Marcus Guide
2nd – Place Injustice: Gods Among Us – Rondell Allard
3rd Place – Injustice: Gods Among Us – Antonio Fermin
1st Place – Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – David Andrews
2nd Place – Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Roger Alexander
3rd Place – Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Anton Branker
1st Place – Killer Instinct – Arion Wallen
2nd Place – Killer Instinct – Antonio Fermin
3rd Place – Killer Instinct – IWILLKEEL YOU
We’ll be doing a full event report later in the week, but in the meantime here are some comments from Fight Club 4 attendees –
“I think it was the most fun and most organized tournament I’ve ever been to. Not just the tournament but even spectators had things to entertain themselves. A very nice event and a tough act to follow for other Tournament Organizers”
Che Noel ( Local fighting game celebrity. Che has attended and won multiple local competitions)
“I think the event went well and has a lot if potential for growth, I’m not a gamer per say but I can appreciate a good game and I’m glad people were satisfied with the food”
  – Ellerz Cafe (Local food outlet located in St. Augustine. They provided brilliant lunches at a reasonable price at Fight Club 4)
“I had a blast! I really enjoyed myself, it was very well managed and I had a lot of fun. Thank you all very very much for the opportunity to be there at Fight Club 4.”
– Miguel Escovalez (Veteran arcade gamer. Supplied the gaming machine to play the ‘Old School Games’)
Very good organisation of Fight Club. Good vibes, excellent competitive spirit and all in all very good outcome. Being a gaming organizer I am looking forward to seeing  more from Trinigamers and they will always have the support from Gaming Tourneys.
-Liu Lupe Jo (Director of Gaming Tournies. A gaming group that also supports and promotes local E-Sports)

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