The new upcoming Guild Wars 2 patch is set to release in April and Arenanet has been giving bits of information about what this update will contain. This update so far has revealed major changes to the game and can be more equated to an expansion rather than a simple update.

Here is some of the information that was provided this week:
Introducing the Wardrobe System – A wardrobe system is being introduced in Guild Wars 2!

Dyes in the Wardrobe System – Dyes are not characterbound, but will now be ACCOUNT BOUND!




Improvements to the LFG system – WvW will be included in the LFG system allowing players to look for groups in different WvW borderlands

Account Bound WXP, Legendaries and Ascended Gear – WvW xp will be spread across all players, legendaries are now account bound and not character bound and more!

Say Goodbye to Armor Repair Costs and Hello to Free Trait Resets –  NO MORE ARMOR REPAIR COSTS, but they have lessened Champion loot to balance it out. AND MORE!


PvP Reward Tracks and Gear Unification – All PvP Gear can now be worn in PvE and WvW! Also major changes to the PvP system.

So far that’s all the information that has been released about this patch/expansion and there’s still more to come this week! And of course for those of you who didn’t know World vs World Season 2 or as it’s called now World vs World Spring Tournament 2014 has begun!

Good luck to your participating server in the tournament and fight hard!. Feel free to join the Guild Wars 2 Trinidad and Tobago group to connect with the local players .

Looking forward to seeing you in game,
Angry Fig

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