World vs World Leage Season 2 is upon us! Also… Free Transfers!

Last year, all of the servers were locked into weekly battles during World vs World Season 1: Dawn of the Season. Every week people logged in to go to World vs World put in many hours commanding, taking orders, building siege and invading other servers territories. Now World vs World Season 2 is here, but the name has changed and also the structure. It is now being called WvW Spring Tournament 2014. Arenanet offered an explanation as to how the Spring Tournament will operate.

‘First, I wanted to explain in a little more detail the tournament structure we will be using. A Swiss-style tournament attempts to match up competitors that have done well against other competitors that have done well. 

The initial round of the tournament will match the worlds in each league according to their world rating. After that round has ended, worlds will be matched up according to how many points they have in the tournament. This will continue after each round, which means that the matchups are not predetermined but are dependent upon the results of the previous matchups. If two teams have the same number of points, the team with the higher world rating will be considered the higher seed for the purposes of the matchup. Matchups will continue to match worlds that are close to each other in performance, rather than following a predetermined schedule – which will make for much more exciting and competitive matches.’

Also, until March 27th, 2014 the TRANSFER WINDOW IS OPEN!  The North American servers which are ranked 13-15 (Henge of Denravi, Crystal Desert and Northern Shiverpeaks) and 20-24 (Devona’s Rest, Eredon Terrace, Anvil Rock, Ehmry Bay, Kaineng) and the European servers which are ranked 15-18 (Abbadon’s Mouth, Drakkar Lake,Fort Ranink, Ring of Fire)  and 23-27 (Blacktide, Whiteside Ridge, Underworld, Vabbi) are allowing FREE TRANSFERS! This was being done by Arenanet to give lower rated servers a fighting chance. To date, larger guilds have indeed made the move to lower rated servers in hopes of bringing them up the WvW ladder. One of the servers that has been largely strengthened as a result of this transfer window is Henge of Denravi.
The full article can be read here for more details about the WvW Spring Tournament 2014.


Another thing to look out for is a BIG PATCH in April. With the Living Story Season 1 being over by bringing about the death of Scarlet Briar, Arenanet has been working on improving different aspects of the game mechanics.  Every day until April 15th, 2014 Arenanet will be releasing bits of information about what can be expected from the April patch. So far they’ve talked about changes in:

Runes, Sigils and Balances updates for each class

Learning about Critical Damage changes – Introduction of ferocity a brand new stat
As always we have Wooden Potatoes (Guild Wars veteran and the unofficial ‘historian’ of the series) giving his insight on the changes being made towards the big patch


Forty New Traits and more 

Here are some previews of different traits for each class

Elementalist: Aquatic Benevolence
The elementalist is getting a variety of traits, ranging from damage and utility to survivability and support. The one we’ll introduce today is Aquatic Benevolence. This trait contains a new mechanic that will increase all healing to allies by a percentage without affecting the character doing the healing. Aquatic Benevolence has the highest of all outgoing healing effects currently in the game, sitting at a solid 25% healing power bonus when supporting allies.
Engineer: Fortified Turrets
Engineers will be getting additional support and survivability with their new turret trait, Fortified Turrets, which is part of the Inventions line. Each time an engineer with Fortified Turrets equipped spawns a new turret, that turret receives a defensive bubble that reflects projectiles for four seconds. This works with all turrets, including the Supply Crate.

Guardian: Force of Will
With the current traits available to the guardian, their Honor line has multiple support traits that heavily assist allies but have less individual benefit for the guardian. With this patch, guardians will have the option to unlock Force of Will, a trait that grants three hundred extra vitality when slotted (which amounts to three thousand health at level 80 from this trait alone). The result is a guardian that is much more durable when facing conditions and physical attacks.

Necromancer: Unholy Sanctuary
In addition to a bit of a trait line rework, the necromancer’s Death Magic will be gaining the ability to heal your health pool while Death Shroud is active. Unholy Sanctuary allows you to turtle in your Death Shroud and slowly heal yourself, granting you additional survivability in situations that might otherwise spell certain death. The healing rate of Unholy Sanctuary is the same as the regeneration boon and will be affected by healing power.

Mesmer: Power Block
Enemies of mesmers beware: they’ve learned how to mess with your skill recharge! The new trait for mesmers allows them to gain additional benefit when disrupting enemy skills. Power Block will be introduced to the Domination line and will change the recharge of an interrupted skill from 5 seconds to 10 seconds. This will not affect skills that have no recharge, but I’d imagine that stopping a necromancer from consuming conditions would surely put a nail in their coffin.
Ranger: Read the Wind
Ranger: Your arrows are swift and deadly, but in some scenarios they are not as fast as they need to be and your enemies can dodge them easily. With Marksmanship’s new Read the Wind, your longbow arrows will fire at twice their base velocity, allowing for supreme accuracy at long range.
Thief: Invigorating Precision
Thief will be gaining a new survivability trait in their Critical Strikes line with Invigorating Precision. Five percent of damage from your critical attacks will now be returned to you as healing. With this trait, you’ll be able to sustain yourself in scenarios where your base healing just isn’t enough.
Warrior: Dual-Wield Agility
Warriors who love to dual-wield will have a new option in their Arms line with Dual-Wield Agility. This trait will increase your attack speed by ten percent when wielding an off-hand axe, mace, or sword.
This patch seeks to change many things which will change the current balance of Guild Wars 2.  Along with the WvW Spring Tournament 2014, there is alot of excitement in the world of Tyria.
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