The CLIMAX of the Nightmare Tower story arc and the snow has fallen in Lion’s Arch which signals the start of Wintersday!


Tower of Nightmares/ Wintersday

Better late than never here is the Guild Wars 2 Report! The Tower of Nightmares story arc is drawing to a close as players get to see the fall of the Nightmare Tower. Also, the Kessex Hills map has been permanently changed as a result! The best way to summarize what is happening in the world of Tyria is to get a summary from none other than Wooden Potatoes (Guild Wars veteran and the unofficial ‘historian’ of the series).


The first video focuses on the Nightmare Tower story



The second video focuses on the Wintersday events and touches a bit on PvP changes. For those people who are PvP focused, Glory is going to be REMOVED FROM THE GAME! Spend your glory!


Interesting fact, not even Wooden Potatoes  knows what the ‘Do Not Touch’ items are in the world at this point. I have seen them myself in World vs World and it’s intriguing to what they can possibly be. I would suspect it’s something to do with the Asurans, but what part of the story it relates to *shrug* I have no idea.


For a full detail of the different events at Wintersday, you can see it here at the event page

Also, make note that since the Wintersday update there has been profession changes.  Make note of the changes here


End of WvW Season 1 : Dawn of the Season

Season 1 of WvW is over and players have received their loot bags for the performance of their servers and those completing all of the achievements for the Season 1 activity has received the title ‘Veteran of the Mists’. Congratulations to all of the servers on their performance!


Season 1 Gold 

1. Black Gate
2. Jade Quarry
3. Tarnished Coast
4. Sanctum of Rall
5. Seas of Sorrows
6. Maguuma


Season 1 – Silver 

1. Fort Aspenwood
2. Yaks’s Bend
3. Stormbluff Isle
4. Borlis Pass
4.  Ehmry Bay
6. Dragonbrand
6. Crystal Desert
8. Northern Shiverpeaks
9. Isle of Janthir

Season 1 Bronze

1. Henge of Denravi
2. Darkhaven
3. Sorrow’s Furnace
4. Ferguson’s Crossing
5. Gate of Madness
6. Anvil Rock
7. Devona’s Rest
7. Kaineng
9. Eredon Terrace


Local Community News

Stealing the spotlight in this update, Goofz has completed his legendary Greatsword Sunrise. To be exact it was finished on 9th November, 2013 but better late than never right 😀


That’s all for this week. As always feel free to join the Guild Wars 2 Trinidad and Tobago Group to connect with other local players.
Looking forward to seeing you in game,
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