Halloween 2013 comes to an end as over the past few weeks players were closing halloween doors, fighting against the toxic alliance, now players will get the chance to enter the Tower of Nightmares!


Tower of Nightmares/ The Nightmare Within

For those of you who did not get a chance to see what the Tower of Nightmares patch had to offer, Wooden Potatoes (Guild Wars veteran and the unofficial ‘historian’ of the series) put out a video which explains all of the content. The video can be seen here

Following on the heels of the Tower of Nightmares video, a follow up video which talks upon the upcoming Nightmare Within patch was done which was also very informative and helps bring players up to speed with what is going on in Tyria



The Nightmare Within patch will release on 12th November, 2013. The event page can be seen here


Current WvW Rankings

Week 4 of the WvW Season 1: Dawn of the Season is upon us


Blackgate is leading the Gold League with Jade Quarry in second place with Sanctum of Rall and Tarnished Coast tied for third. This week’s results will break the tie for the third place, so there’s alot of stakes for Sanctum of Rall and Tarnished Coast players


Forst Aspenwood is leading the Silver League with Storumbluff in second place and Yak’s Bend in third.  There’s a tie for fourth place between  Dragonbrand and Borlis Pass. Even though the deadlock would be broken at the end of this week, the top three servers spots seem secure and should not change unless an upset occurs


Henge of Denravi  and Sorrow’s Furnace are tied for first, with Darkhaven and Gates of Madness tied for second. Each of these servers are playing in a crucial match up this week which could affect their position for the rest of the season. Meanwhile Kaineng is 7th… We’re in a safe position to overcome Devona’s rest to move up the ladder to 6th position.


Local Commnuity News

Sidhesh aka Sid Dotsparks bought his Halloween armor set. Looks good!

Piettro Tang aka Goofz is aiming to get the legendary greatsword Sunrise. Grind away good sir… keep us updated with your progress

Just a shot of some WvW fun recently defending Bay with the Myth guild and Trinigamers guildie Cid

That’s all for this week. Next week’s results for WvW Season 1 looks like it’ll be key in determing how the rest of the season may go.  The Nightmare Tower looks interesting and I’ll give it a shot.  As always feel free to join the Guild Wars 2 Trinidad and Tobago Group to connect with other local players.

Looking forward to seeing you in game,

Angry Fig


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I started competitive gaming while i lived in the UK and was a representative for a British xbox 360 clan in black ops, i moved back to Trinidad and joined the Playstation family representing a clan in battlefield 4 on both the ps3 and ps4. I am unbiased to console wars and play on all forms of consoles or PC. I really just love games.