Halloween 2013 continues in this update, along with an update to the first week of WvW Season 1: Dawn of the Season


Tower of Nightmares

Guild Wars 2 players aren’t being given much information as to what will happen on October 29th except for this creepy poster and a trailer that was put out by Arenanet. So far the only information that has been released about the Tower of Nightmares is this so far. The mystery surrounding event lends to the growing hype of the PvE commnunity. We can only hope at this point it doesn’t dissapoint!



Current WvW Rankings

Week 2 of the WvW Season 1: Dawn of the Season is upon us





Local Commnuity News

The {Rx} Guild on Sea of Sorrows have released their ‘Guild Wars 2 version’ of Macklemore’s hit song Thrift Shop. In their rendition at the 2:15 of the song ‘Trinidaddies’ are referenced. The ‘Trinidaddies’ are Desoblade and Krummhole!  They are also mentioned in the special mentions of the song’s description.

– jkj.9475 & krummhole.7418 (Trinidaddies)’s perma-beastmode PvP skills 



An interesting video was posted in the group about Guild Wars 2’s Endgame after 1 year. In this video Wooden Potatoes hits the nail on the end on explaining the demographic that Guild Wars 2 caters for



Angry Fig gained the golden title (earning 200 gold) and  spent his first 100 gold on buying a commander tag and became a commander.


That’s all for this week. Keep fighting hard for your server in WvW and hope you enjoy the new PvE content.  As always feel free to join the Guild Wars 2 Trinidad and Tobago Group to connect with other local players


Looking forward to seeing you in game,

Angry Fig


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