The Video X Games 2012 – Sonesta Great Bay Resort, St. Maarten.


The Video X Games is the Caribbean’s most exciting Video Game Tournament, with gamers from all across the Caribbean and the world travelling to go against the best gamers St. Maarten and the Caribbean have to offer.

Video X Games 2012

Event – The Video X Games St. Maarten 2012
Date – July 13th – 15th 2012
Location – Sonesta Great Bay Resort, St. Maarten W.I.
Registration Cost – $80USD
Entrance Fee Per Game – $5USD

This three day-event will not only target video game players and spectators from Saint Maarten but also from around the Caribbean region with its large gaming communities, which is estimated to be over 4.5 million avid gamers strong, about 12% of the 41 million Caribbean population.

To this day, the last Video X Games in 2006 has been the biggest international gaming competition in the Caribbean, attracting over 60 international gamers from countries such as Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Barbados, Puerto Rico and Canada, just to name a few. Gamers from other islands are happy to come to St. Maarten for the competition due to the overall attractiveness of the island, with our island being the 2nd most popular intra-caribbean tourist destination only behind Puerto Rico. Therefore, the winners will be considered the ‘Best of the Best’ in the Caribbean region.

Also in attendance will be members of Complexity Cross Counter, Dominion Method Gaming, Team Madcatz and Empire Arcadia including

  • Gootecks
  • Mike Ross
  • Combofiend
  • Kayane
  • Juicebox Abel
  • Kor
  • BurnYourBra
  • Triforce

There are 10 official games announced which are

  • Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012
  • Street Fighter X Tekken
  • Tekken 6
  • Soul Calibur 5
  • Mortal Kombat 9
  • Super Smash Bros Brawl
  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3
  • Halo Reach
  • NBA2K12
  • FIFA 12

Each game carries a minimum first prize of $1000.00 USD.

Getting to VXG

Presently there are two carriers that fly to St. Maarten, please take note of information listed below.

Caribbean Airlines –
Flies on Wednesday & Saturday, if attending VXG attendees travelling by CAL will have to stay 1 week. Ticket prices range between $475-$550USD

Flies to St. Maarten daily. Ticket prices range between $600-$675USD


VXG is being held at the Sonesta Great Bay Resort. The hotel has put together a package whereby 2 persons can occupy a room for $125USD per night (inclusive of tax) with either a single or double bed.

For more information on the resort you can check out Sonesta’s Great Bay

For further information on the Video X Games you can check them out on


Video X Games Official Site


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